Friday, September 30, 2016

You MUST watch this.

I am so not kidding around.

I watched the first episode and literally wept. Then I watched the second episode, and called a girlfriend to scream obscenities into the phone. (Sorry about that, btw.) DANG IT. It's just so stinking good.

Please google this show and watch it ASAP. It is amazing. And I never use that word.

You'll thank me.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ECWC 2016

I'm going to a conference in two weeks, where I will present a workshop called:

Writing Romantic Comedy: It's No Laughing Matter!

I'm sort of crapping my pants about it, too.

You see, this is the conference where I met some of my favorite authors, met some incredible author friends, and where my writing career essentially got off of the ground. I hatched the idea for my debut novel, The What If Guy, at the Emerald City Writers Conference, and started it in my hotel room on the last night. Fast forward almost a year later...and I had my first publishing contract.

Have you read The What If Guy yet? Click here to get your copy....

I'm psyched to go to ECWC this year because of a few different reasons. First, I get to hang with one of my good friends/fellow authors...who also happens to be one of the coolest chicks I've ever met. True story. She and I always have a good time together. We laugh, eat snacks, laugh some more, and talk. Oh the much talking.

I also get to see tons of authors that I admire. Some that I've met, others that I've only ever stalked. I also get to go to plenty of interesting workshops to perfect my craft. I love workshops. Frankly, I never think my growth as an author is done, so workshops and conferences are the bomb-dot-com to me. I always leave feeling refreshed and stoked to tackle my next project! I can't wait!

They had hot firefighters a few years ago. It was sort of lame...and also sort of awesome.

They have this awesome raffle where they give away tons of crazy stuff!!! (This picture is of an author friend, Jenna, who incidentally came up when I googled ECWC.)

I literally never get tired of my home state. <3

The fabulous Cherry Adair always speaks. She's amazing. And hilarious. Nothing better than a hilarious author with great hair. 

I also get to fly from our home in Songdo, South Korea, to Seattle, Washington for five days!!!

Five days. In America. No husband and kids.

(Actually, I wish my husband were coming along. I will miss him. The kids, too, but not as much. They're animals.) ;)

I can't wait to share pictures with all of you.


Monday, September 26, 2016


Holy mother of pearl.....

You MUST buy this book. I'm not kidding.

I literally couldn't put it down. I am so stoked for each of you to get this book and consume it the way I did. Holy crap.


Click here to get a copy!


Friday, September 23, 2016

Spotlight: Lexie

I love my characters. All of them, even the idiots. And yeah, there are idiots. There always are. It wouldn't be a good book without one.

Today I'm thinking about Lexie Baump, heroine of book 1 in the This & That Series, Baby & Bump. She's self-conscious and bumbling. Geeky and foolish at times. She loves rock and roll, and has to wear her hair short, for fear of looking like Carrot Top. She's divorced and childless....but not by choice. That is, until she makes an epic whoopsie, and turns up pregnant.

Did I mention that she falls in love with her obstetrician?

Yeah, that. It's weird. But somehow sort of meant to be.

Have you read Lexie's story yet?

CLICK HERE to grab your copy...hey, it's only 99 cents. That's cheaper than a latte.

Happy reading!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Since selling our home and moving abroad, I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about the kind of home I will  (or want to) have when we move back stateside. I know, I know. It's silly and indulgent and selfish to daydream about things as materialistic as houses, yards, and stairwells....

Most of the time I focus on my kids. Getting them through this experience, getting them through school, keeping their heads above water, etc. The same for my husband. I try to focus on his life being pleasant during the rare times he isn't working. But occasionally.......

I imagine what my home in the USA in just less than 2 years (fingers crossed!) will look like. I can't help it. And Pinterest doesn't help at all, I'll have you know. They make it even easier to daydream about my next home.

Sometimes I think about a giant restored farmhouse...

Other times I envision a large, modern home with lots of windows and weird angles...

Most of the time I see myself in a mid-century modern style home....

On the inside I think I'd like dark, wide plank wood floors...

Or possibly lush, plush, soft carpeting (I don't care about germs or dog's my fantasy, which means those things don't exist)...

Or my favorite, polished cement floors...

I imagine a colorful, restored kitchen full of nick-nacks and vintage pieces...

Other times I want a streamlined, modern IKEA style kitchen (so clean!)...

Then occasionally, I envision myself cooking in a kitchen that is all things modern and classic all rolled into one...

I also obsess over farm tables with mismatched chairs and chandeliers... all. over. the. freaking. place.

I actually had one like this in my old house in America. Le sigh...

And wallpaper. Frankly, I know that wallpaper is a redecorating nightmare, but it's so incredible. Just lush and expressive and exquisite.

Dead. Died. This wallpaper actually killed me, it's so cute. I must have. Not sure I can convince my husband, but hey, I'll definitely try.

And yards. So help me, as I sit in our high rise apartment in South Korea with four children and a dog, I cannot help but fantasize about yards. Big, green, private yards with mature trees...

I actually gasped when I saw this one. 

What do you fantasize about?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sometimes, just sometimes...i let my mind wander... I go to that place in my mind that I usually keep locked up tight, and I imagine what it would be like if we'd not lost Bug. She would be five now...

She'd probably have long curly brown hair, maybe halfway down her back by now, because I would refuse to cut it. But she would still have crooked bangs, because much to everyone's disdain, I would still insist on trimming them myself.

She would likely be attending kindergarten here at CI, and would be an absolute handful for her teachers. Partly because of the remnants of her biology, and partly because she's a pill, and just had that kind of personality.

We would likely have bought her a Hanbok, which I would likely have to force her to wear, and then chase her around trying to get a decent picture of it, while she screamed bloody murder.

She would likely be friends with the children of some of my friends, and I would be organizing play dates and after school activities for her. I quietly decided a few weeks ago that I would have put her in gymnastics at CI.

She would probably be our most adventurous child, more likely to try Korean food than any of the others, and always wanting a "nack" in a cup nearby. 

She would be a terrible flier, and our trips would be a slow trek through hell with Bug strapped into an airline seat. Every time we would go somewhere, I would vow it was our last time. But of course, it wouldn't be.

I'm no longer crippled by thoughts like this. They used to lay me out for days. Now they just amuse me, and I indulge them for a few minutes, then tuck them back away in my mind, and lock them up. If I could eradicate them from my mind completely, I would. But since I can't, I manage them carefully, like washing old China. You handle them with kid gloves, rinsing them as gingerly and carefully as possible, so they don't break and make a mess. Or worse yet, cut you. I don't like to be cut.

I'm done for today. But I hope wherever she is, her memories have been eradicated. It would be awfully hard for a five year old to filter through memories and daydreams like this.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ode to the man bun.

I am currently writing a character who sports a mean man bun.

Now normally, I am not a fan of the man bun. Nor am I a fan of long, scraggly beards, long hair, white-guy dreads (but slap some dreads on a lovely African American man, and they're lovely--I don't know, I'm picky that way) or anything that looks remotely hippyish or unkempt.

I know, I know, my taste is sort of on the finicky side. I'm sorry. But a girl likes what she likes, right?

But because my heroine of my current work-in-progress is a starched button down shirt, pantsuit wearing financial whiz....she, like me, sniggers to herself, and maybe even shudders, when she sees a modern day hippy.

Which is why they're destined to be together.

Ahhhh...romance. I love it.

Actually, come to think of it....THIS is a man-bun I can get behind. Who is this? He's darling!

What do you think of the bearded man-bun type?


Friday, September 16, 2016

Music to write by.

Every author I know and love has certain playlists she writes to. Some even have playlists for each of their books. I usually have those, too. Though my last few books have just come after a lot of binge listening a'la iTunes radio.

Which is what I've been doing lately. You should see my current playlist. It makes no sense. It's a total mishmash of songs from various artists that make no sense, except to me.

Here's a taste of the playlist for my current work-in-progress:

My husband hates it when I play Johnny Cash. He says it all sounds like a train. If you listen to the beat, he's totally right. But the music is still awesome. I never get sick of it.

I saw these guys live last fall. They were awesome. Though the guy with the blonde curly hair back there looked about 13 seconds from passing out through the whole concert. But whatevs.

I know, right? It makes no sense. Except to me.

I love my job.


P.S. Remember how obsessed with Cher I was when I wrote The Carny? I do. You can grab a copy of that story RIGHT HERE.