Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We are letting Him down.

I am a believer in God, and in His son, Jesus Christ. I realize, accept, and respect that my beliefs are not that of everyone else in the world, and that some choose to believe differently, or not at all. And I respect that. (To find out more about what I personally believe, and why, click here.)

But as it is my belief that we--as in every single one of us human beings on God's earth--are His beloved children, that we are all brothers and sisters. There is no differentiation between races, religions, nationalities, sexualities, beliefs, or lifestyles. We are all literally Heavenly Father's children, and as such, we are expected to live with certain behavioral expectations that shouldn't be to hard to carry out.

Shouldn't be.

Respect, compassion, kindness, understanding, affection, patience, and humility.

In a nutshell: Love.

All of those things can be whittled down to one thing, and that is love. Without love for your fellow man, you cannot have compassion. Without love for your fellow man, you cannot have understanding. Without love for your fellow man, you cannot exhibit humility.

Simply put, LOVE is literally the answer.

And brothers and sisters, we are not doing a very good job at loving one another. Not a good job at all. In fact, it is my belief that we are letting our Father in Heaven down in an epic way. He did not create us to hate. He created us to beautify, cultivate, and care for the earth. He created us to live, learn, and flourish. He created us to multiply and replenish the earth. He created us to learn and grow and ultimately return to Him after a job well done.

We are failing at this mission. Failing miserably.

Though my family lives as expats in South Korea, we are Americans who hail from the great Washington State. Our hearts belong to our home country, and that is where we plan to return to in 301 days. But today my family is in mourning. We are mourning not only for the loss of lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, but for the lives being lost on a regular basis in countless other cities for similar crimes. Racism and terrorism have taken over the hearts and minds of so many of God's children, turning them away from Him, and towards our common enemy, Satan. There is literally no other explanation for these repugnant, vile, spineless acts of terror, hate, and pure, unadulterated evil.

This is not the world God intended us to live in. This is not the purpose God created the earth for.

We should be ashamed.

I am. Are you?

Whether a human being is black, white, asian, Jewish, gay, or anything else imaginable, he or she is my brother or sister. Period. He or she is your brother or sister. It disturbs me that I even have to explain this, but: we do not spew hate at our brothers and sisters. We may not agree with them. We may not understand them. We may not even feel like we can be in the same room with them. But we do not hate our brothers and sisters. We do not march in rallies that condemn them. We do not preach against them. We do not take rights from them. We do not ever, ever utter the words "ethnic cleansing" in relation to our brothers and sisters. And we do not, do not ever kill our brothers and sisters.

To think otherwise, is to live against our Father in Heaven's wishes, and I, for one, will not participate in such vile behavior. If you claim to be a man of God, a woman of God, or a child of God, you should give a second thought to doing so as well. Because to behave in such deplorable, despicable, hateful ways is to go against the will of God--our Father.

From now on, I will pray for peace. Not just world peace, much like we pray for good weather for Saturday's game. But for actual, true peace--peace in the towns, peace in the cities, peace in the countrysides, peace in the souls and hearts and minds of myself, and my billions and billions of brothers and sisters on God's earth.

"As I have loved you, love one another. By this shall man know ye are my disciples."

Practice what you preach. Live what you claim. Love your fellow man--even the ones you cannot stand. Love them. That is our only way out of this awful, disgraceful, sinful pattern that we brothers and sisters have all fallen into.

I will be the change I want to see in the world.

I love you, Brothers and Sisters. Pass it on.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Sneak peak!

Squeeeeee! I have a release coming soon!

Where is Camp Chimalis? Why s'mores and campfires? Who is this book about? Who is this series about?

So many questions. I promise to answer them all in good time.


Monday, July 31, 2017


The thing about living in South Korea is......Koreans don't swim.

I don't know why. They just don't. Very few people know how to swim, and those that do know how don't do it, because often times swimming involves going out into the sunshine, which means they could potentially get some color on their skin...which in their minds will inevitably lead to skin cancer. And, as someone who regularly grows tumors in her BUTT (click here to read that gem,) I have tried repeatedly to dispel those rumors, to no avail. Much like the dreaded (and mythical) Fan Death, Koreans are convinced that sun = cancer. Therefore, no swimming.

Never heard of Fan Death. Google it. It's awesomely absurd.

Moving on...

One of the best parts of going back to the USA for the summers is swimming. Oh my, how my children love swimming. I cannot even tell you how many pictures I have of my children swimming. Here are just a few from our adventures over the past few years:

Seriously. My kids LOVE the water.

So when we go to America each summer, they are obsessed with swimming. None of the apartment complexes here in South Korea have swimming pools, unfortunately. Which is odd, considering how big and fancy these places are, you would think a pool would be a definite amenity. Um, no. Not in Korea. So we always rent a place to stay in Korea that has a pool. And my kids spend every morning and every night inside of it. Even on stormy days when the wind blows a table umbrella into the pool on top of them...they keep swimming. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

We invited our close friends to come swim with us, swam alone, swam in the dark, swam in the sun--and got sunburned. We sometimes went to one of the many lakes nearby and swam, and swam in the pool at our rental. We swam happy. We swam sad. We swam in a box, and with a fox.

Okay, we never swam with a fox. Unless you count the double nipple piercing guy who lived below us who hung out at the pool a lot, and talked about his erotic poetry. (Insert eye roll now.) He was not what I would personally consider to be a fox. But he rocked those weird nipple rings like a stud, despite being my age and entirely too old for those things. (Dude, the 90's called. They want their trend back.)

I would venture to say that while my personal favorite moment of the summer was sending my oldest off on his mission (click here to read that post,) my children's favorite part was swimming. All day, every day, swimming. There wasn't an evening that I didn't have towels and trunks hanging over the railing on my balcony, or wet spots on the carpet from soaked children running through the apartment. I never had enough clean towels, and I must've bought sunscreen eleven times over our five week stay.

My children are agonizingly white. It's painful to look at.

Here are some shots from our adventures in the pools (and lakes) this summer. I can't wait to move back to the USA, so we can live amongst swimmers again. Pools are awesome. Especially when you have kids like mine, and they're happiest when swimming....

What is your children's favorite part of summertime?


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I am back, and I am bigger than ever.

Okay, I'm not bigger, in fact, I'm pretty much the same size as I was when I went back to the USA five weeks ago. But my heart is bigger, and I've come back with stories to share with you all over the next twelve months until we fly home to the USA for GOOD.

I can't wait. For reals.

I'll start my sharing with the most important summer 2017 story of them all: my son.

He left on a mission to Santiago, Chile for two years. He's currently in Mexico receiving some language instruction, and will be moving on to Chile in 20 days. Saying goodbye to him was agonizing, and there isn't a moment since that I haven't thought about him, worried about him, and prayed for him.

The cool thing is, I know he is in the right place. The feelings in our home and within our family since he got on that plane to go serve God and his fellow man has been palpable. Literally! I've never felt so many blessings in my life. They're literally raining down on us!

The best thing so far has been watching the change in my son. He has already gone from a typically self centered eighteen year old kid to a young man filled with maturity and the Spirit of God. He speaks openly about his beliefs and his gratitude for his faith and the spiritual foundation we've given him. His transformation--barely a month in--is already remarkable.

I'm so grateful he is having this selfless experience.

This was absolutely the highlight of my summer.

What was the highlight of your summer?


P.S. Got questions about why he's serving a mission, or what church we are members of? Email me directly at or click HERE.