Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another live one here!

Live, live, live! THE THIS & THAT SERIES BOX SET just went live on Amazon! For just $4.99 you get ALL THREE of the books in the This & That Series (Baby & Bump, Apples & Oranges, and Then & Now)..and you save one dollar off of the cover prices on the individual books! Grab your copy of The This & That Series Box Set for your Kindle today! :D


Live, baby, yeah!

It's live! It's live! The new and improved version of UNDERWATER is available for purchase! Check it out right here:

The secrets of Pend Oreille are best left beneath the surface…

After being partially paralyzed in a car accident, wheelchair-bound Luna Prosser is struggling to keep her head above water. Fighting for independence from her over-protective parents and determined to seem normal as she wheels down the halls of her high school, Luna can’t believe the hot new guy on campus actually talks to her—and looks at her with more than just pity in his haunted, aquamarine eyes. 

But Luna has no idea how different Saxon really is, or what agonizing responsibilities he faces. He's been sneaking up and out of the dark waters of the Pend Oreille for a year now, slipping in and out of towns, local classes, and shops, in an attempt to learn more about the fascinating humans he was raised to stalk. But instead of watching them as prey, Saxon watches them with a yearning for normalcy, and to search for a way to aid his rapidly dying Mer clan from extinction.

Together he and Luna find a connection that can't be described. Like a key sliding into a lock, they've found their one mate, and once that has happened, the connection is permanent. But their bliss isn't meant to last, for there are secrets in the dark waters of Pend Oreille—secrets that could drown them both…


Friday, September 19, 2014

Oh, and don't forget what ELSE is coming out this weekend...

Now you can read ALL THREE books in the This & That Series in ONE shot!

The This & That Series Box Set will now be available! I will have prices and links stay tuned!

Here's the cover to look for:

Coming soon, my friends! Over 800 pages of romantic comedy coming your way for one great price!

Yay! An excerpt from Underwater!

Are you as excited as I am to dig into the new & improved Underwater??

Me, too.

“No.” I shook my head. “Not scared. Sorta…mesmerized.”
He wore his signature smirk when he raised one hand out of the water. I reached down and took it. Take a deep breath.
I did and was in the water before I could even think. The water wrapped me in cold and pulled my hair back in a long stream behind me as I dropped. For a second, I panicked, waving my arms at my sides and jerking back and forth. But then I felt Saxon’s hands encircle my hips and pull me against his chest.
Open your eyes.
I did, and the water momentarily stung. Blinking a few times, I grasped his hard shoulders and acclimated myself to my new surroundings. My focus came into view like a camera on auto zoom, and there in front of me was Saxon. His skin glowed in a soft, muted blue; pure, velvety warmth exuded from his touch, locking out the cold. We descended a few feet, and I looked down at his tail. It extended and swayed back and forth at least six feet below us. I was amazed that he could control where we moved with just the use of his fin.
Are you all right?
I nodded, and my hair whirled around my face. The darkness was everywhere but above our heads. I could see the moon through the top of the water, all broken into pieces like a stained-glass window.
Do you need air?
When I nodded, he extended his arms and lifted me up so that my head rose past the surface. I sucked in a long pull of oxygen, then ducked back under and put my arms around his neck. Rubbing my cheek against the side of his face, I noticed that his skin was no longer smooth and soft. Now it was ridged, but slippery like the scales of the fish my dad and I used to catch in the bay when I was little. My grip loosened, so that my hands could find the gills at the side of his neck. Tracing a line along the edge, I felt them open and close underneath my fingertips.
He tangled his fingers in the hair at the back of my neck, then combed through the locks as they danced on the current. I want to show you something.
I pulled back and looked at him. There was no fear under the water. I was safe in his arms, and I knew it right down to my toasty warm core. One side of his mouth pricked upward just before he turned my body so that my back was to him. With one swift movement, he kicked his fin so hard that the water ruffled all around us, arching us backward so we were parallel with the surface of the water.
In the blink of an eye, I was cruising along the lake at least twenty miles an hour, with the stained-glass moon following us as we glided. The surface was no more than three inches above my moving body. Clear—but waved and bubbled, like the old glass in all of the windows of our farmhouse.
Saxon’s tail moved up and down, creating a muted rushing sound and sending us streaming out of Moon’s Bay. My lungs were starting to tighten, but I couldn’t look away from the star-filled sky above us. I was mesmerized by the speed at which we were traveling and by the fact that my body was filled with radiant heat even though I was submerged in icy water.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Underwater got a new cover!

And it's sooooooooooo pretty.

Me likey. A lot.

I was so stoked to get my rights to Underwater: The Mer of Pend Oreille back from my publisher the other day. I've worked with three publishers, and that particular book was pubbed in a house that is known for their super-sexy erotica books, which are not at all a genre my readership was comfortable with. I was hesitant to write the next book in the series, because I wasn't sure I wanted to link my characters to books of that nature in the future, and I found myself dragging my feet to advertise Underwater because of that. And what happens when you don't advertise?

Dismal sales.

Yup. It was sad.

Isn't it pretty??

So I've revamped my cover, and rebirthed my characters! Oh, and the icing on the cake is that I've also made the price much more reasonable for an ebook! Hooray for affordable books!

I will keep you all posted of it's relaunch date! Coming soon!

Ever wondered.....

...what my contemporary YA, The Art of Being Indifferent, is all about?

Check out this excerpt, and grab your copy for only $1.99 today...

I heard Posey before I saw her. She was on the beach, screaming cuss words into the night air like a lunatic. I didn’t go to the beach thinking I’d see her, but as soon as I heard her, my heart started thudding so hard inside of my chest, I thought I might pass out. I had to get to her. I needed her. And I didn’t care how pathetic it was.
The only thing that mattered was that when I’d wrestled my way out of my dad’s grip and run for the door, I instinctively ran right to where Posey was.
That mattered. A lot.
She turned as I ran towards her, her black hair whipping in the wind, and my heart leapt to my throat. Damn, she was beautiful. How hadn’t I seen it before?
“Drew?” she called, her voice cracking.
As I got closer, I realized Posey was crying. Or… close to crying. My throat clenched. Shit, had Mr. Kingston called the Coulters to rat us out for skipping? It was my fault. My idea. I’d made him and Coach swear not to get Posey in trouble.
She wiped at her eyes with the ends of her coat sleeves. “What are you doing here?”

Slowing my pace to a walk, I forged through the thick, wet sand. I’d run out of the house without tying my shoes, and I’d stumbled five times on the trail. “I needed some air.”
“Me, too.” Posey smiled, but it didn’t hold. Her lip started to tremble, and redness stained her cheeks and nose. She covered her face. “Sorry.”
I strode towards her. “What’s wrong? What happened?”
My stomach was in knots. The adrenaline from my run-in with my dad had started to wear off. The hell with my problems. Now I only wanted to know who’d hurt Posey. It made me want to punch something. Break something. Where was the old man when I needed him?
Oh yeah. Back at my house, washing my blood off his knuckles.
“Nothing. I… I’m fine.” The wind picked up, opening her coat, and I noticed she wore pajamas. The tight black thermal shirt and grey sweats hugged her body like nothing I’d ever seen Posey wear before.
And dang, she had a figure. A good one. The muscles in my abdomen—and elsewhere—tightened.
Her skin paled when she saw my face. “Oh no, what happened?”
I grimaced. I’d seen my reflection in the stupid gilded mirror in our front hallway my mother spent about a bazillion bucks on. I knew what I looked like. A split in the middle of my eyebrow dripped blood down the side of my face. By morning, I would look like I’d gotten into a fight with a mouthy freshman. I’d probably tell all the guys on the swim team that just to shut them up.
“It doesn’t matter,” I said, my voice thick as I closed the space between us.
Without pause, without thinking about what I was doing, without considering whether Posey even wanted me to do it… I wrapped my arms around her. Anchoring her body underneath her coat against mine, I leaned down and brushed my nose against hers.
I couldn’t hear the wind anymore. Hell, I couldn’t hear anything except the pounding of my heart in my ears as Posey gasped. Her eyes, icy and blue, widened for a second before slowly sliding closed. Her frame melted against mine, contouring against me. Posey felt amazing. She felt perfect.
I kissed her. Hard. So hard, explosions of light popped behind my closed eyelids, and the ground underneath my feet swayed. It was incredible. Like every girl I’d kissed up to that point was just a prelude to this moment.
Man, I was becoming a sap. But I couldn’t help it.
When we pulled apart, her eyes were heavy lidded and foggy. We were both breathless, our shoulders rising and falling in unison as we panted.
“I didn’t think…” She swallowed and licked her lips. “I wasn’t sure if you… wanted that, or not.”
I cupped her face. “I’ve wanted that for a while.”
“Me, too.” Posey grinned, her eyes dancing. Then they focused on my eyebrow, and her smile dropped. “You’re hurt.”


Not ready to pull the trigger....

...on book 2 of the This & That Series?

Marisol's story, Apples & Oranges, was a blast to write...check it out in this excerpt now, and remember that her story is on sale now for just $1.99!

He tilted sideways, and burped. “That’s… stupid.”
I gestured towards the inn. “You’re looking a little green around the gills, buddy. Why don’t you let me make you some coffee inside? I’ve got a Colombian roast that will—”
“Shut up.” Greg’s hand came down on my forearm with a slap. It was with more force than I was expecting, and I gasped. As soon as I stopped talking, his demeanor softened. “Come on. Let’s walk down to Benny’s for a nightcap.”
Jerking my arm away, I clenched my teeth together. This guy was ticking me off now. “No, thank you. I have plans.”
“Oh, come on.” He drug a hand down his face, making his eyes even redder. “You don’t have plans. Give it up.”
I drew a deep breath, then released it slowly. “Go home and get some sleep.”
“Tease,” he spat down at me, his red face glowing in the dim light.
“Gotta go, Greg.” Forcing a tight smile, I sidestepped his arm and headed towards the kitchen door. I didn’t scare around men easily—you can’t remain single and independent into your thirties and not know how to watch out for yourself—but I was sort of rattled. We were back far enough from the street that there weren’t any other people within earshot, the dinner guests were long gone, and the last of my staff had left. It figured.
“Aw… come back.” He groaned.
“No, thank you,” I yelled over my shoulder. I was going to throttle the bartenders the small business bureau hired for the night. They apparently had no concept of when to stop serving someone.
“Hey, bitch!” Greg’s voice cut into the night, and his heavy footsteps thudded on the pavement. “I’m talking to you.”
Picking up my pace, I touched my pocket for my new iPhone. Lexie and Fletcher only lived a few blocks away from the inn, and Fletcher wouldn’t mind coming down here to scare away a persistent drunk. It was rare, but official: Drunk Greg was starting to freak me out.
And true to form, I’d left the damn thing in the kitchen. I was going to have my iPhone surgically connected to my hand first thing tomorrow.
Greg grabbed my shoulder, jerking me backwards. “I said I was talking to you,” he snarled into my ear.
“You need to get your hands off of me.” I twirled around and shoved him in the chest. When he stumbled backwards, I yelled, “Go home and sober up, before I call the cops.”
Greg’s expression morphed from confused, to belligerent, to ticked-off in the span of a half a second. “Call the cops? Call the…” he grabbed my upper arms. Hard. “Who do you think you are?”
“Let go!” I yelped when he gave me a shake.
“Hey! Get your hands off her!”
I heard the deep, gravelly voice before I saw Demo through the corner of my eye. He barreled towards us with his fists clenched at his side, ready to swing.
“Who the…” Greg looked from me, to Demo, then back again. “You sleeping with Antonopolous?”
“I’m not sleeping with anybody,” I growled, wriggling out of his grip. There were red marks just above my elbows that would probably be bruises by morning. Super.
Demo was nose to nose with Greg in an instant. “You like roughing up women?”
“Roughing up? What? What the hell are you talking about?” Greg skittered backward, but Demo followed. “We were just talking.”
“Talking?” Demo’s chest was pressed against Greg’s, and I was pretty sure his biceps were vibrating. “You expect me to believe that?”
Greg laughed, and it came out high pitched and hysterical. “Tell him, Mary. Tell him we were talking.”
“Her name is Marisol,” Demo growled.
I rolled my eyes. “Don’t dig your hole any deeper, Greg. We weren’t talking.”
A cab rolled into the parking lot, stopping right beside our little testosterone faceoff. A cabbie with a backwards Mariners cap emerged. “Hey. Everything all right out here? Somebody call a cab?”
I gave Greg’s shoulder a shove. It was a lot easier not to be scared when Demo was here, in all of his puffed up glory. “Yes, sir. Our friend here needs to go home.”
“Come ooon, Demo, you know mmme.” Greg’s voice cracked as he backed away from the hulk of muscle that was my mechanic. “We were jusht hhhaving some fun…”
“Grabbing a woman like that’s not fun.” Demo opened and closed his fists a few times. I thought I could see his heartbeat in the side of his neck. “Never let me catch you acting like that again, or I’ll put you in the ground. Understand?”
Gregs hands went out defensively. “Hey. Whoa. Whatever, man.”
Demo pulled a ten-dollar bill out of his pocket and handed it to the cabbie. “Get him home, and watch him walk in.”
“Yes, sir,” the driver said, sliding back into the driver’s seat.
Greg fiddled with the door handle a few times before getting it open. “No harm in trying. Boy’s got a right to get laid once in a while.”
I cursed under my breath. This guy was a piece of work.
“Sit down and shut up.” Demo gave him a shove, making Greg flop like a doll.
Greg’s head hit the door when he flopped into the seat. “Ow, dammit. Bros before ho’s, right, buddy?”
 “Go home,” Demo ordered. The car door slammed, and Greg rested his forehead against the window, promptly falling asleep.
Demo and I watched in silence as the cab pulled away and left the lot. I couldn’t believe that just happened. In all my years of working and dating, I’d never felt afraid before. Maybe Candace was right when she’d suggested a self-defense class a few years ago. I’d scoffed at the idea then, but now I wish I’d considered it. It would’ve felt increĆ­ble to ram my knee so far into Greg’s balls that they popped out his ear canals.
It was then that I realized how hard my heart was thudding in my chest. I pressed my palm to my chest and gulped in a pull of the warm night air. I needed to get a grip. It was just a drunk moron. It didn’t mean anything. I wasn’t in any real danger. Right?
As soon as the cab’s taillights disappeared, Demo turned to me, and put a hand on my shoulder. “You all right?”
“Fine. I’m fine.” I stepped away from his touch, and fanned myself. Those pesky tears were poking at the backs of my eyes again, and I wasn’t about to let them fall in front of Demo-the-mechanic. “He was hammered. I could’ve taken care of myself.”
He shook his head. “Greg was out of line.”
I waved off Demo’s words. “You didn’t need to do anything. I can handle things.” But my voice shook.
“You’re welcome.” Demo said softly.
Dammit, he felt sorry for me.
“I…” My voice cracked, and I cleared my throat. “I didn’t need…”
Okay. Between me, myself, and I, that little situation was scary. The way Greg’s moods vacillated between sloppy, goofy drunk and ticked off. The way he’d grabbed me. Twice. What if Demo hadn’t come out of nowhere like that? Would I have been able to fend that creep off?
My eyes filled up and spilled over. “Okay. All right. I’m sorry.” I covered my face with my hands. “Thank you. I appreciate your help, Demo.”
He wrapped his arms around me, tentatively at first, but we melted together quickly enough. Pressing my face into the worn cotton of his shirt, I cried for a good two or three—maybe five—minutes. His scent, minty soap and the faintest hint of gasoline, danced through my nose,. My shoulders shook as I wept for the first time in more years than I could count, but for some peculiar reason, I didn’t care. It was that odd rush of honesty I seemed to feel every time Demo was around. There was no BS-ing this guy, and as much as I hated it… I loved it, too. It felt good to cry. Maybe I needed it. I don’t know.

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