Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 19...

Sorry I missed last week. Living without internet or cell phones for the past few weeks while we got settled in South Korea was rough. I am well aware that billions of people live without so much more than just internet and cell phones, so don't come down on me. But man oh man, I felt so isolated and disconnected. It sucked.

But now I'm back.

And this week's prompt is: Health.

You know, this is one of those things I take for granted until I am in poor health, and then I realize how grateful I am for health.

Watching my mom age, and struggle with her health (mobility wise) is hard. I know that I'll get to that point eventually, and it scares me. It makes me sad to watch my mom, who used to be spry and active, struggle to do even the most mundane things, like walk to get her mail sometimes. That makes me extremely grateful for my legs, and how easily they move and walk and run.

I am also grateful for my new stomach, and the health it affords me. I've lost 100 pounds, kicked pre diabetes to the curb, told neuropathy to suck it, and decided to live to meet my grandkids. And I'm so grateful for that. I really am.

What health benefits are you grateful for??


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 17...

....This week's topic?

Something I take for granted.

This is easy for me. Right now we are waiting for our alien registration cards (our family moved to South Korea recently) so we are without internet or cell phones.

And we are climbing the walls.

True story.

I never thought living without these things would suck this hard. But it does. Oh, yes. It sure does.

What do you take for granted?


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 16...

....and this week's prompt is:

The Simple Things in Life.

*big, guttural sigh*

Oh, how I adore this prompt today. Right now I am living in a foreign country. I do not speak the language. I do not know my way around. I am working my butt off at helping my kids feel comfortable and happy. I am keeping myself together and telling homesickness to piss off.

And so far...it's the little things that keep me together.

1.) A cuppa cocoa.

2.) My scriptures.

3.) The smell of bread coming from The Paris Baguette Company down the block.

4.) The sound of my children laughing.

5.) Slippers.

6.) Costco.

If you can't focus on the simple things, you're missing the whole freaking point. :)

What simple pleasures do you adore?


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 15...

...and today's prompt is:

Things I Like About Spring

Oh, how do I list these, there are so many.....

I used to like spring above all other seasons because it was my birthday season. But now that I'm an adult, and I have an appreciation for heat and warmth and color, I like fall or Indian Summer. However, spring comes in at a close second.

So here goes nothing...the things I love about spring:

1.) Blossoms on the trees. (I'm especially excited to see the cherry blossoms in Korea soon!)

2.) The smell of impending spring. (Growing up in Fairfield, I learned how to detect the upcoming seasons by the aroma in the air. Yes, it's real. No, I can't teach you.)

3.) Daffodils.

4.) Happy children playing outside.

5.) The resurrection of Christ.

Hmmmm...I guess that's it for now. There's a lot about spring I like, but those are probably my top 5.

What do YOU like about spring?


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Moving day...

Today is bittersweet.

Like, super duper bittersweet.

Today my family is leaving the house that we've lived in for over twelve years, and the country we've been in for our whole lives...to live in beautiful South Korea for three years.

This is really emotional for all of us, as we are happy, proud Americans, and leaving our home country is really difficult for us. But it's for a wonderful job opportunity for my husband, and we'll be home soon enough. Plus, living in the beautiful city of Songdo will be a wonderful experience. South Koreans are incredible, loving people, and they will take excellent care of us.

In the meantime, I am pulling up my boot straps, taking a long, shuddering breath, and putting on my mom face. My kids need me to be strong, and so that's what I will be. We are going off to have an adventure! We are experiencing infinitely more than I ever dreamed I could give my children, and I am blessed beyond belief to have the chance to give it.

So.......as we embark on this experience....I ask for prayers. Lots of them.