Friday, May 30, 2014

Man Candy Friday!

Hip, hip, hooray! It's Man Candy Friday again!

Brought to you minus any banana hammocks, sweaty nipples, or uncomfortable "junk shots". Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's what floats your boat. I, however, prefer man candy that I can enjoy with my children in the room. I'm just sayin'...

This is my favorite day of the week. I have to admit. And this week's Man Candy has been celebrated on the Brooke Moss blog a few times before. (He even commented....squeeeeee!) I've been following this handsome chef's progress for a few years, bought his cookbook (Dessert Fourplay) then proceeded to epically fail at every single one of the recipes (Don't judge me. I'm not a very good cook. It happens.), and follow him on Twitter, because he posts lots of pictures of food.

(Again...don't judge me. As a former fat chick, I likes me some food porn. I ain't gonna lie. Just because I can't throw myself face first into it, doesn't mean I don't want to look at it. Mmmm, kay?)

So this week's Man Candy is brought to you with a smile, a contented sigh, and the hope that someday, just someday, Mr. Johnny Iuzzini will find himself in my random neck of the woods, and a big hankerin' for some cold cereal for dinner. Johnny, you know who to call....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Want to know how to thank your favorite author?

Try this.....

I'm not joking an honest review, good or bad, fills the author heart right up to the tank. We love them. Even those of us who are big and famous. It's true.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I heart camping again.

Now, don't get me wrong. I've always camped.

When I was growing up, my parents were sort of.... hippy-ish, and we did a lot of camping. Often with lots of relatives or friends, and lots of music, and lots of food, and lots of drinking (the adults) and lots of pot smoking (again, the adults) and lots of kids running around like filthy little heathens.

Here we are in the woods. My children are filthy little heathens, too, but I'm not interested in drinking or smoking pot like the hippie way I grew up with. Not really my thing. Try charades and singing primary songs around the campfire.

Then when I became an adult, I tried to like camping. I am married to a very outdoorsy guy who lives to fly fish and sleep under the Montana Sky. I am also the mother of a tree-hugging outdoorsy fifteen year old son who is more comfortable sleeping in a "lean-to" made out of branches than in his own bed. I don't know where he gets it, it's not from me. The kid thrives outdoors. Me? Not so much.

So I tried.

I went. I slept in a tent until my back crackled and my azz was completely asleep for three days post camp out. I pooped and peed in things like outhouses, pit toilets (and let me tell you, those things should be illegal. I mean, honestly, it's a crime against sanitation.), holes in the ground, and even homemade toilets made of milk crates and cracked seats.

I put my foot town.

I had to. I couldn't take it anymore. After last year's big camping trip (which we spent in the woods with nothing but an OVER RIPE PIT TOILET that smelled like eighteen dead bodies had been buried in the poo) on which we had a foster placement of a 7 week old baby with extreme drug exposure (Silly me, I thought the fresh air would do her good--it didn't. It ticked that poor sweetheart off even more. I guess you live and you learn.)....all while (literally) reeling from the loss of our daughter, Liyah, after a failed adoption.....

I sort of lost my crap. That's really the only way of putting it.

I told my husband that I was never camping again, unless he found a way for me to never have to sleep outside or poop in the woods again. I told him: "I am not an animal! And only animals should have to poop and pee in the woods!" I told him: "We should have had the all important do you expect me to poop and pee in the woods conversation BEFORE we took the vows!" And I told him: "If I never have to cook while being simultaneously stung by both mosquitos and bees at the same time, it will be too soon." Oh, and I may have actually told him to take our tent and camp stove and shove them up his backside so hard he sneezed nylon for a decade. That was harsh, I know. But it needed to be said.

And so he set to work solving my camping woes. And eventually we bought a camp trailer. Now, it's used, and big, and awkward, and I refuse to be the one to drive with it hooked on to the back of our truck, because it is scary as heck, and sometime between bedtime and morning time, it turns into a giant, stifling fart box....

But we love it. It's home, away from home. The kids enjoy being together, and I enjoy the privacy of being able to poop and pee in my very own bathroom. Besides, "dumping the dump" after we're done camping isn't so bad. It's kind of fun. My 15 year old think's it's exciting, and who is to argue with a 15 year old?

And so, as we morph into the summer of 2014, I am proud to say that I have finally decided that I like camping again. Go me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you ready for Then & Now's book blurb?

Squeeeee! Because I am sure ready to share it with you! Check it out below.....

Life can change in an instant. No one knows that better than Candace Chang.

After being widowed with three young children to care for, it was all she could do to keep her household functioning, and herself in one piece. In the two years since her husband’s death, never once has she considered getting remarried. Candace is fine with her books, her tea, and her memories, despite her friends’ and family’s growing concern.

When handsome, twenty-six year old cop, Mason Ledger, buys the house next door, Candace is quickly reminded of just how alone she is. Her kids are gone with grandma for the summer, and other than her attempts at restarting the career she abandoned to become a wife and mother, she's got nothing but spare time. What starts off as friendly neighbors simply sharing a fence line, takes no time to evolve into an attraction neither expected. Before she knows it, Candace is feeling more than just a need for distraction. The problem is, Mason sees a future between the two of them, and Candace is trying desperately to keep things casual.

Can Candace keep her meddling family at bay while she figures out this unexpected romantic conundrum? Will this almost-cougar and her young neighbor find some sort of middle ground? Or will Candace discover that love is every bit as sweet the second time around?

And remember: JUNE 10th!!!

Mark your calendars! It's time to wrap up the This & That Series!

Tuesday is the perfect day to......

Grab books 1 and 2 in the This & That Series.

Especially considering the fact that book 3 officially has a release date:

(Wait for it......)

Tuesday, June 10th!!

Yup, yup, my friends. On Tuesday, June 10th, the much-anticipated and long-awaited THIRD installment in the This & That Series (click HERE to read more about it)  otherwise known as Then & Now or "Candace's Story" will go live!

You've all be so darn patient, I am so honored to have such a loyal readership. I want you all to know that I am humbled to have so many devoted fans who have been sending me emails, tweets, and Facebook messages begging me for Candace's story. It warms my heart to know that you all care about my characters and their stories as much as I do. I am glad to say that with the completion of Then & Now, I am done visiting Lexie, Marisol, & Candace's world for a while. And though I don't have plans to revisit their stories anytime soon....never rule it out completely. I am so proud of these characters, and in love with their incredibly real, flawed, silly, romantic, yet utterly, 100% human stories. I hope you all love Candace's journey as much as I do. *contented sigh*

Mark your calendars, peeps.....Then & Now drops on June 10th! Holla!

(Yeah, I said holla. What of it?) ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Even though I am still running around in the woods with my beloved family...

I wanted to stop by the Brooke Moss blog to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day.

Today my husband and kids and I are honoring our loved ones who have passed, with an emphasis on the great men & women who have died protecting our freedoms. What a blessing it is for us to live in a free country. You know, I once blogged pictures of my flower gardens on Memorial Day and was accused of being unpatriotic. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I feel it is imperative that we remember how we got those freedoms, through the spilt blood of service men & women. I am very grateful for that sacrifice.

God bless America. God bless each of you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why haven't you read...

The Art of Being Indifferent yet?

It's my contemporary YA about Posey Briggs, who is a foster child about to age out of the system, who gets paired with Drew Baxter, the cocky jock son of the town mayor. It isn't until they're just about to give up on each other, and take F's in their Lit class, when they discover that they've got more in common than anybody would have assumed. They both have abusive parents, and neither one of them knows how to walk away.

Grab it today for only $1.99! It is also available in print, for you purists out there. :)

Here are some links! Go get it now....





Happy reading, my lovelies!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Man Candy Friday!

Oh, man candy Friday, how I love thee.

Brought to you minus banana hammocks, sweaty nipples, and generally anything that would prohibit my lovely readers from enjoying man candy with the kids in the room.

This week's man candy is inspired by my soon-to-be-released book 3 in the This & That Series, Then & Now, in which Candace finds love again...

Can't wait? Neither can I.

Check out what our hero, Mason Ledger, looked like in MY mind while I was writing Candace's journey....

P.S. If you're thinking to yourself...this hero is WAY to young for Candace, you're exactly right. Which is why I channeled my inner cougar to help Candace find happiness again. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Time to head back into the woods with my family.

Can't wait!

Have a good weekend, everybody!

P.S. Looking for something good to read over the weekend? Grab BABY & BUMP today! Just 99 cents...and it's the first in a series of THREE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer is going to suck a whole lot less this year...

This morning I hit 80 pounds lost!! Woot, woot! Virtual high fives all around.

My husband reminded me to do another PicStitch so I could see the progress. (I tend not to see my progress in my day to day life...I think I'll always be that morbidly obese woman in my head.) In the ten and a half months since I started working with my surgeon, my counselor, and my dietician, I have healed my body from pre-diabetes, neuropathy, sleep apnea, carpel tunnel syndrome, and a laundry list of small health issues I'd been struggling with.

Now I run, dance, play, bike, and move with my children. I let my handsome, nerdy husband cuddle up to me, because I don't feel as uncomfortable in my own skin as I have for years. I smile at people, and walk with my head held high. My food struggles are still and a lifestyle change isn't enough to cure a full blown food addiction like I had. Every day is a struggle between choosing the right things to put into my body, and choosing the wrong.

Every day I make the choice to spend at least 30 minutes exercising in some way. I only allow myself one day off a week, and I only allow myself 1 to 2 cheating bites a day. I pray....often....for the strength to make this a lifelong change, and to never slip back into that horrible, dark place that addiction creates. I pray for a long, happy life with my husband and children, because not only do they deserve it, but I've finally realized that I do, too.

I hope all of my lovely, loyal, witty, gorgeous, incredible readers are living their lives to the fullest and working hard to be the healthiest and happiest they can be! It warms my heart to think that all of you can have the energy, freedom, and joy that I've found over this last year. There's nothing like it!


Candace's story....squeeee!

It's almost JUNE, and you know what that means?

It means Then & Now (Candace's story, book 3 in the This & That Series) will be available soon!

I can't wait to share this story with you all. It made me tear up numerous times while I was writing it, and it also made me blush and sigh contentedly. I'm hoping you all enjoy the love I sent Candace's way. ;)

I sure do.

Want to know what Candace and the new hero, Mason, in Then & Now look like in my mind? Of course you do. Check it out here....

Notice the age difference? Yup. Some cougar action happening next. Squeeee! Mark your calendars. Then & Now is coming soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have you read THE CARNY yet?

I love my contemporary romance, The Carny. It is a story very close to my heart, and the two main characters? Oh, how I adore Vincent and Charlotte. I wish more people knew about The Carny. Can you help me spread the word? Why not post a link to this blog post on your Facebook or Twitter page? That would be stupendous. More people should be enjoying their romance.... le sigh....

At a town fair on the coast of Oregon, handsome Native American carny, Vincent Youngblood, bestows an unforgettable kiss on shy, awkward teenager, Charlotte Davenport. Then disappears without another word, leaving her baffled and enamored. 

Ten years later, Charlotte is still living in the small fishing town of Astoria, while being trained to--reluctantly--take over for her philandering hotelier father when he retires. After all, who else will do it? Her two perfect sisters are busy being married to their flawless husbands and having cookie cutter children, while Charlotte remains single, childless, and every bit as mousy as she was a decade ago.

 As Charlotte struggles to climb out from underneath her judgmental parents thumb, the carnival rolls back into town, and Charlotte finds herself face to face with Vin again. He's back to run his father's carnival, walking away from a promising career in medicine he started in Chicago. Will her biased and judgmental family accept her relationship with a man who is not only a Native American, but works as a carny for a living? And what unsavory secrets bind the well-educated and seemingly superlative Vin to that ramshackle carnival? After all, you can t judge a carny by its cover.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Guess where I went last weekend?

Camping on the rocky shores of the deep, dark Pend Oreille lake.....

No mermaid sightings this time. I have hope for next time.

We did have fun, though. We always do. We trailer camp. None of that sleeping in the dirt and pooping in the woods stuff for me. No, sir. I'm not outdoorsy enough for that.

I'll keep hunting for those fresh water Mer in the Pend Oreille, though. Don't you worry. In the meantime, grab a copy of my fantasy YA, Underwater, where Luna and Evey Prosser discover the existence of Mer at the bottom of the lake in their backyard!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Man Candy!

Yay! It's Friday again, and time for some Man Candy!

As always, brought to you minus anything too gratuitous or kinky. No banana hammocks or nudity to be seen. It's man candy you can enjoy with the kids in the room! You're welcome. :)

This week's man candy is none other than one of my original boyfriends, Sam Elliot. I remember watching Mask as a kid, and feeling my stomach flutter when he would come onto the screen. Yup. I had it bad, and I was only a little kid. It's the mustache. And the voice. Oh, the voice....

Needless to say, my admiration for Sam has transcended time and wrinkles. I still love him. "Beef. It's what's for dinner."


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are you ready for book 3?

Book 3 is almost ready to go live!

Candace's story (THEN & NOW) will blow you away! I hope I have done justice to her journey. Stay tuned, friends! It's coming soon.......

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May is Foster Care awareness month!

As many of you know, my husband and I are former foster parents. I used much of my experience as a foster mother when I wrote The Art of Being Indifferent, and will use even more when I write the next book in the Twisted Family Tree Series. Our experience as foster parents was both horrible and wonderful at the same time, and while our story ended sadly, and we made the decision not to foster any longer, we still strongly support foster parents and foster kids alike.

I encourage each of you to look into finding a way to give to the foster care system. Whether it's time, money, food, clothing...or even a space in your own home and heart for a foster kid, you are much appreciated. Click HERE to read more about foster care awareness month! Happy May!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A wonderful review for THE ART OF BEING INDIFFERENT!

Have you read my contemporary YA, The Art of Being Indifferent, yet?

It's all about a couple of kids from opposite sides of the tracks (he's the rich, jock, golden-boy son of the town mayor, and she's a gritty, hardened foster kid just waiting to age out of the system) who find they have a common bond. They're both abused kids trying everything they can to keep it together to the end of their senior year. Posey and Drew's romance will (I hope) move and inspire you.


They got it. They really, really got it. Will you? Click here to order your copy of The Art of Being Indifferent today.

Or, you can grab it on Smashwords! (Use coupon code JW85L to score The Art of Being Indifferent for only 99 cents from now until May 26th!)

Nook press (Barnes & Noble) is coming soon....


Monday, May 12, 2014

Are you a Smashwords reader?

If so....grab your copy of THE ART OF BEING INDIFFERENT for just 99 cents from now until May 26th!

Just use the coupon code: JW85L

And be sure to leave an honest review! Thanks and happy reading! <3


Look where I went...

.....on Saturday.


My husband and I saw it a few years ago (in much better seats) and loved it! But this time we wanted to take our two oldest children, since they are avid musical watchers like me, and they loved it! They weren't even mad at me for dragging our kid binoculars to the show in my purse! I knew they'd thank me for that....

So glad to have traveled to Oz again. Everyone deserves a chance to fly....

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Print versions of my books?

Looking for print versions of my books? Here are the links to buy paperback versions of all that are available in that form! Enjoy!






Sorry, Keeping Secrets in Seattle, Underwater, and Bittersweet (my novella in the Love Knows No Bounds anthology, are only available in digital the kindle or nook apps, and enjoy an eVersion today! :)

Happy reading!


Friday, May 9, 2014

It's my special day...

Happy Birthday to ME.....on Sunday. (every few years it lands on Mother's Day)

This year I am turning 38. Yikes! That's uncomfortably close to 40, so I'm sort of freaking out. But I am so healthy this year, I feel ten years younger!

In this last year, I went from this:

To this:

Yeah. Lots of change.

So this year, for my bday we are going to see this:

And I also (already) received this: (the gem is actually the birthstone of the daughter we lost) <3

And then on Sunday after church I hope to receive this:

Oh, good Lord, that looks delicious....

Happy Mother's Day to all my gorgeous readers! And happy birthday to me...