Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lookie, lookie, check out the new bookie!

Hooray! I can finally share my secret!

I have a book coming out in (tentatively) February of 2014! It's a contemporary young adult novel, and I'm super stoked about it. :)

Want to hear about it? Of course you it is....

Posey's not the kind of girl who has a lot of friends. After bouncing from foster home to foster home she's only formed an attachment to her iPod, and the music that takes her away from the ugliness that surrounds her.
Drew Baxter's got life on a string, or so everyone thinks. Son of the town mayor, swim team champion, and the hottest guy on campus. Little does everyone know that life at Drew's home is dark, dangerous, and only getting worse.

When partnered together in a tutoring assignment from hell, Posey and Drew are surprised to find how much they have in common. Despite their need to keep what's going on under the surface a secret from the world, it becomes clear they know each other better than anyone else in the world can. Now Posey and Drew have to find a way to exist in a town that wants to keep them apart, and in a circle of classmates that wants them to stop blurring the social lines.
Above all, Drew and Posey need to escape the madness of their abusive parents, before they drag them down forever.

No buy links yet, but mark your calendars...the next Brooke Moss book is coming in time for Valentine's Day 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby & Bump is up for an award!

I need more votes!

BABY & BUMP is up for an award on the Gravetells site!!

What a happy Christmas present it would be to actually win something! If you read & enjoyed BABY & BUMP, go to the Gravetells site and vote tonight!


P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank my lovely, darling, witty, loyal readers for making BABY & BUMP the success it is. I am so proud to have readers like you. And so proud to write books that make you ugly cry AND laugh at the same time..... xxxooo

P.S.S. if you STILL haven't read Baby & Bump, click here...I can't wait to share it with you! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cover reveal!

Woot, woot! I am finally close to finishing book 3 in the This & That Series, Candace's story, entitled Then & Now.

This book has been a labor of love for a long time....I had to stop writing it about halfway through, after we lost our daughter, and now I am finally back to it, and the end is near. My editor, the amazingly talented Meggan Connors, is going to help me whip Candace's story into shape, and I am so excited to share it with all of you!!

So right now I don't have a blurb...but it's coming soon. I do, however, have a lovely little tagline, and a nifty new cover to share with you all. I hope you like it. Because I sure do!

Is love as sweet the second time around?

Wheeeee! I can't wait to share Candace's story with you ALL.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Okay, so I just have to share this with ya'll:

Now..I don't know how most of you feel about self publishing, but as a multi-published author who eventually turned to self publishing in an effort to actually make money at this job I have...I tend to feel a bit biased. My publishing adventures were a mixed bag. Some experiences were good, others were ugly. Some where fun, some were hell. But overall, I made the decision to take my established readership to the self publishing world for two reasons:

1.) I was tired of doing what other people told me to do with my own books, and tired of the loss of control in traditional publishing.

And 2.) I wanted to make money at this job I was devoting 50+ hours a week to. Simple math: if you remove the middle men--you make more money. Period. That doesn't mean my traditional publishers were stealing my money, it just means I was making PENNIES for every book sold, and when I did the arithmetic, it turned out I was working thousands of hours for roughly ten cents an hour.

Yeah. Not much.

So I turned to self publishing. And I've found some success with self publishing. In fact, I've made a steady monthly income with self publishing. Not a lot, but enough. And for that, I am grateful, and proud for having made the leap into self pubbing.

Here comes my issue today:

So yesterday, I get an email from Renegade YA (Never heard of it? Me either...) who said they'd bought eTopia Press' young adult line (UNDERWATER is published with eTopia press) and they wanted to transfer my YA to their line, to give it more exposure, and to market it with like books. (eTopia's books are infinitely saucier than UNDERWATER is, so my sales have been dismal, to say the least--I'd assumed I would ride out the contract, get a prettier cover, and self pub it someday.)

I said why not? Sure, I'll transfer my book to your line, and we'll see if I can get more exposure and more sales. It will be a test of traditional indie publishing vs. self publishing. Maybe Renagade YA will convince me that traditional publishing is best.

So after I agreed...I asked if I would get a new cover (because I've never been pleased with UNDERWATER's cover.) They said no, they didn't intend to give any of the books from eTopia new covers. So then I (GASP!) dared to ask if I could design a new cover myself.

Instead of saying, "No, we like the cover as it is" they withdrew their offer. They said for  me to leave the book with eTopia, and ride out my contract, since self publishing is clearly what I want to do.

Um....hold up. You're WITHDRAWING your offer because I asked if I could make myself a new cover? Wait. What? You couldn't just say no?

So here's my beef, dear readers: I'm fine with waiting out my contract with eTopia. UNDERWATER, and it's sequels, will be there forever, and I will someday get to make my pretty cover and tell Luna and Saxon's story in full. Of this, I have no doubt. In fact, that's what I intended to do in the first place, so really, it's no skin off my nose. the space of one 24 hour period this Renegade YA company (which hasn't even launched yet) has managed to remind me of EXACTLY why I no longer publish with indie presses. They've flexed their muscles, showing me who's boss, and reminding me why I refuse to share my earnings (however meager they  may be) with a middle man who does one tenth of the work that actually goes into the creation of a story. This, my friends, is why indie publishers are a dying breed, and why I believe that if you don't have a contract with a big 6're better off self pubbing and keeping your pennies all to yourself.

Because if one simple question about a cover is all it takes for these people--who 24 hours ago wanted me to think they were the greatest thing since sliced bread--to turn on me...then what's to say it will be any better once the ink is dry on your contracts. You will have no say in what is done with your book, you will have no control over your covers, your characters, your publicity, or your brand...and what's worse is, you'll have very, very little money to show for it. And I don't know about you, but I have a family to feed.

Check out my email back to these nifty people right here:

"You're withdrawing your offer, simply because I asked to redo my cover?

Wow. Unimpressive. A simple "No, we prefer the cover as is" would have sufficed. I never stated I was unwilling to do the footwork to sell Underwater to a broader market, I simply asked if I could make a new cover. Your retraction is based on one detail, when there are  many facets to my willingness, capability, and skill as a successful multi-published author--who also happens to bring in steady money as a self published author. Thanks for reiterating exactly why so many fed up authors have turned to self publishing.

Your business will eventually fold, like all the other indie publishers, and then you'll be wishing you'd not acted so superior to the very authors who could have made you money. This may take a few years, and you may find mild success in the meantime. And that's wonderful. I'm sure you deserve it. However, self publishing is the direction the industry is heading, and indie publishers will eventually be obsolete. As soon as more authors wise up to the fact that they can make actual money without the silly middle man who takes most of their earnings to pay for their "professional covers" and mediocre editors, they'll stop signing away a percentage of their earnings to support unsuccessful authors who started their own "publishing companies" to get their work out there. Which, I'm sure was Renegade YA's original motivation.

Your unwillingness to work with existing and established authors, or merely treat them with respect by upholding your offered contract, despite a friendly difference of opinion about a cover, speaks for itself. I wish you luck in this new business venture, it seems you'll need it.

Thank you for the well wishes.


Do yourself a favor...either get a big 6 contract and make yourself a crap-ton of money, or self pub and make yourself a decent living doing what you love. Because if you are signed with a publisher who intimidates you into a cover or edits that you hate, and unnerves you to the point where you have to be afraid of having offers & contracts withdrawn simply because you've dared to contradict're not getting the most out of this incredible industry that you could.

Monday, November 25, 2013

99 cents until Thanksgiving Day!

Hip, hip hooray!!

In celebration of the many things I'm grateful for (one of them being loyal readers) Baby & Bump and Apples & Oranges (books 1 and 2 in the This & That Series) are marked down to just 99 cents from now until Thanksgiving Day!

Grab your copies now....or grab them for a friend--at 99 cents you can afford to share. Also, if you've read both Baby & Bump and Apples & Oranges already, then check out my backlist here: BROOKE'S BACKLIST...and read some of my other novels.

Thanks for all the support, my lovelies. Nothing means more to me as an author than to know that I have such loyal, supportive readers. :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving feast....not for me.

Because I'm having weight loss surgery in January!

So excited. So relieved. So ready for the rest of my life to start. I've missed out on so much time with my kids because of my weight, and the medical issues that come with being obese. So glad to be healthy again.

So no thanksgiving dinner for me. I'm getting ready for the rest of my life to start!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten things I like today.......ten things I hate.

In case you're new to the Brooke Moss world...I figured I'd share my innermost secrets. First off, ten things I like (today).

1.) Mio Peach Mango drops for my water. Because I'm off pop now, and can't drink cocoa because sugar makes me sick, so here I am.....drinking *sigh* water.

2.) Kristan Higgins' latest, The Perfect Match. Super cute story. Even cuter hero. Yum.

3.) Pomegranates. Now that I know how to deseed these things, I'm eating them twice a day. Love.

4.)  My CP & CP/editor friends, Jess and Meggan. Two classy chicks who can write like hell, and handle a critique. I dig them both mucho.

5.) Elvis music. I don't know why. Probably because I'm weird, but whatever. You know who else dug Elvis music? Lexie and Fletcher. Just sayin...

6.) Pinterest. Otherwise known as the vicious time-suck black hole that I play with on my iPhone when I should be sleeping.

7.) Our new travel trailer. This bastard is big, and we're going to make family memories with it all spring and summer next year. My poor children will choke on the memories.

8.) Chandeliers. If I had my way, I would hang one in every room. I like to think of myself as fancy. But really, I'm not.

9.) My new Christmas socks. They're striped with green pom poms. Have I ever mentioned how much I love a new pair of socks? I even wrote that trait into a character, Charlotte from The Carny. You should read it sometime. Its numbers are shameful. I consider it my hidden gem.

10.) My kids. I really like them, even though they exhaust me. I wish I still had all of them (there's that nasty grief thing popping up at inopportune times) but I was thinking the other day about how deeply my devotion to my kids runs. I would literally lay down in traffic for them. I think every kid deserves that. But not all of them get it.

Ten things I hate: (Because this list is way more fun)

1.) I hate losing things. This is literally my hot button. If I can't find a shoe or a book or my keys, I go ballistic. It's a sad trait of mine.

2.) I hate struggling with my weight. Honestly, I've been overweight my entire adult life, and it sucks. I think I've found a solution, though, and I've got some pretty spectacular doctors & nurses behind me, so hopefully this will turn around soon.

2.) I hate deadbeat parents. Between my own personal struggles, watching loved ones struggle with this, and working with the foster care system, I am OVER deadbeat parents. Over it. Absolutely zero patience with this.

3.) Taxidermy. I know, I know, I'm from Washington state. This fact alone means I am surrounded by people who hunt and fish all the time. But I can't help it. If I go into a business or home with a dead animal mounted on their wall, I feel like I want to throw up. Seriously. Heebie. Freaking. Jeebies. I'm sorry.

4.) Martyrs. If you got a problem, guess what? So does everybody else. Go deal with it. If I have to put on my big girl panties, so does everyone else. Well, not my panties, per say, but their own set of big girl/big boy panties.

5.) Cats. I loathe cats. If I breath the tiniest bit of their dander, I am in agony for days. It's so bad that I actually have to carry benadryl with me wherever I go, in case of an attack. I hate these vile creatures.

6.) McDonald's. My six year old is having his 7th birthday party at McDonald's this year (his choice--we tried to talk him into Chuck E. Cheese), and I feel like I want to dry heave whenever I think about it. McDonald's food reminds me of being in my early twenties, cruising Seaside Oregon with friends, chain smoking Marlboro Menthols, then counting our pennies for a midnight run to Micky D's. Blech.

7.) The people who stole away our daughter, and lowered her quality of life. Bastards, the lot of them. I hope they all fall off a cliff. True story.

8.) Duck Dynasty. I don't get it. My kids think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and I cannot wrap my brain around it. Now they're everywhere. They're all over Target, Walmart, every white trash grocery store from here to Timbuktu...and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why.

9.) Being seen in public with bad hair. I don't even think I need an explanation for this one. It's self explanatory. I see women who don't do anything (no color, no trim, no highlights, no style, no nothing) with their locks, and I want to punch them. Or give them a makeover. One of the two.

10.) Black Friday. Do I want to stand in line for 2 hours--or longer--in order to score an electric blanket for only 5 bucks? No. I'd rather pay five times that amount on Amazon, and have them ship it to my house for free. Bam. Boom. That just happened.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Apples & Oranges is now available on Smashwords!


So you're not a Kindle reader, and you've been waiting patiently for Apples & Oranges (book 2 of the This & That Series) to be available for other devices? Well, you're in luck. The waiting is over, as Marisol's redemptive story is now available on Smashwords.

Grab your copy today.....

APPLES & ORANGES on Smashwords now!

Monday, November 4, 2013


I found this online today, and it seemed pertinent enough to share.

*snort* So true.

Friday, November 1, 2013


I took my kids Trick-or-Treating last night, and was reminded of one major detail:

I am a halloweenie.

I was cold. My feet hurt. I worried about my kids being cold, tired, hungry, ornery, and getting lost in the madhouse that was our dream neighborhood (because we take our kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood we someday hope to live---a detail that taught me when we live there, we are leaving the porch lights off on Halloween. Freaking madhouse.)

At one point, I was actually nearly crying because I thought I'd lost my 6 year old "caveman" in a crowd of about 15 kids clambering for full size Twix bars.

I mean, who could blame the kids for clambering....full size Twix bars. Seriously.

But still.

The good news is, I only ate three pumpkin cookies and one small butterfinger bar. I know, I know, that might seem like a lot to some, but I'm sort of a chub--and I likes me some Halloween treats. I was feeling proud of myself when I went to bed without mainlining some melted down Crunch bars.

The bad news is, I didn't sleep a wink last night, so I woke up rummy and loopy. I've been stumbling around like I'm hammered all morning. Hint: I don't drink or use drugs. No, not even pot. And yes, I'm from Washington State. So sue me.

Needless to say, I took a small nap this morning. Now it's back to writing.

BTW, I finished reading this book today:

I love Tori Spelling's books. She's so self-deprecating and honest. A breath of fresh air in Hollywood. I always want her to succeed. And if someone can make me want them to succeed, even knowing they grew up in Spelling Manor while I sit in my dumpy house...more power to them. Grab a copy of this book, and her others. It will make you laugh, I promise.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heading to ECWC

So glad to be getting away with an awesome writer friend, and to get some uninterrupted writing time in. Excited to stay in a nice hotel and to visit IKEA. Excited to buy bath bombs at Lush, and wear pretty clothes. Excited to stalk some lovely authors and build my readership. Excited to escape!

This is my favorite time of year. feels good to get away from all that weighs me down these days. Sometimes recharging is just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully this will be the case this weekend. :)

This is what I feel like the universe is telling me these days.

I'll post more later. Off to Emerald City I go!

Friday, October 11, 2013

This week.

I chose this picture to go with my blog post today because this statue epitomizes what I feel like today. Hunched over, weeping, tired, dirty. I'm usually an incredibly positive person. Even when I'm feeling bitchy, I'm bitchy with a purpose and an end goal in sight, but this time I can't even say that because the end goal I've been striving towards has been snuffed out like a candle. 

You all know that my husband and I are foster parents, and that we have been on a journey to find our forever child for some time now. We've planned on adopting children, in addition to the biological children we've been blessed with, since long before we met each other. It was just always in the plan. Unfortunately, it has never been part of our end goal. We just didn't realize that until recently.

As you guys have already heard me gripe and whine about, we lost a child we intended to adopt this past August. We'd had her for 9 months, one day, and 67 minutes when she was taken from us, and returned to a home where she will be regularly exposed to her perpetrator, and the people who allowed her to be neglected, beaten, and developmentally stunted by drugs and alcohol. She is struggling right now, and I can do nothing. She will continue to struggle, and my hands are tied behind my mouth is gagged. I am powerless, and will literally never get to protect her, help her, see her, or touch her again.

I've been told that as a foster mother I should've been prepared for this loss. I've been told that it's been two months, I need to buck up. I was even told recently that my grief pales in comparison to a woman who has no other children to love--when clearly I have four others to enjoy. Would someone say that to a woman who lost her child to SIDS at 9 months? Would someone say that to a woman whose 9 month old child was kidnapped and never returned? Probably not. I think sometimes people need to minimize grief because it makes them uncomfortable to stare it in the face. And you can see the grief on my face these days. It shows. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in it. 

My husband's grief came fast and furious. Attacking in our daughters last days with us, rendering him a weepy, droopy mess. It has since then gotten better for him. And though he thinks about her every day, he doesn't cry anymore, or get too upset. He is able to manage his grief by changing his focus or turning to our higher power. Sometimes I think he keeps it together for my sake, because my grief has been like a slow moving tsunami. It started slow, and now it's covered my whole life and I can't get my head above water. I've never been one to chime in when my girlfriends talk about their different varying stages of depression, and how their happy pills help. I don't take happy pills. Aside from post partum depression that is long since gone, I don't have a hard time staying happy. Until now. 

Now happiness sticks in my throat like dry toast, and I have to spit it out. Now happiness feels cardboard and fake. Now I look around and all I see is how awful everything is, and how good everything was before we started on this adoption journey that ruined our lives. Someone asked me a while back if I regretted ever meeting our daughter, thinking I was going to say "Of course not! If I'd never met her, I never would have had that time with her!" But I shocked her when I said--very loudly and firmly--that I regretted ever signing up to become a foster to adopt parent, and that if I'd just left well enough alone, and ignored the nagging feeling that my family was incomplete, I would never have been subjected to falling in love with a child who would later be ripped from my arms, taking my heart--and sanity--with it...

She left quietly after I said that...

Some of my very best friends in the world adopted their son a few days ago, and I was invited to the hearing. It was the greatest day of their lives, the most joyful of all occasions, and a good friend, a good person, would have put their big girl panties on and shown up. 

I stayed home and cried.

Most recently, we had a foster placement whose only biological relative considered a potential placement, announced that they wanted their niece to stay with us. And for a split second, there was a glimmer of hope shining amongst the sh*t that my life seems to have become, and for a split second, I thought to myself, "I'm finally going to be able to get over losing *****. My heart will finally be filled, our family will finally be complete, and we will finally be able to get out of this horrible, wretched world called foster parenting where the armpit of modern society sucks the life out of you like a dementor in the damned Harry Potter books." But that wasn't meant to be.

Because there are now multiple permanent placements available for this child, she will be placed with a relative soon, and permanency with us is no longer possible, unless a miracle happens and 90% of two separate families dies in a crazy electrocution accident, a'la the movie "King Ralph" with John Goodman. 

Maybe I'm the only person who watched that movie. But the scene where the entire British royal family died in one massive electrocution stuck with me, I guess.

To add insult to injury, it turns out one of the defense lawyers in our current foster placement's case is one of the same lawyers who helped to steal my daughter away two months ago. This is a man who stood in front of a judge and lied through his teeth in order to have a two year old child placed back into the home of a dangerous and manipulative man and his dangerous criminal of a son. So in a nutshell, this guy shouldn't be able to sleep at night. has come to my attention that his defense in a hearing next week will be that our current foster child shouldn't be allowed to stay with us because I (me) "lie and exaggerate my foster children's health and developmental state, in order to steal babies from their biological parent."

What. The. F***.

So when I sit up all night with a screaming drug baby, rocking her for hours on end, pressing her to my body because that's literally the only thing in the world that will calm her...that's a lie. And when I have to wake up a little girl out of a dead sleep to give her a nebulizer treatment because her biological mother couldn't lay off the damned pipe for one second while she was pregnant....that's a lie. And when I have to hold a little thrashing body in my arms because she's worked her self into a tizzy and can't articulate what's bothering her because her speech skills are significantly delayed because bio mom smoked, drank, and shot up everything but the kitchen sink while she was pregnant....that's a lie. Or when I watch a little girl walk up to a wall and bang her head on it for five solid minutes because her vestibular needs are so incredibly out of whack due to drug and alcohol damage...that's a lie. Or when a baby's bottom is so raw that it's actually bleeding, and she vomits 4 and 1/2 ounces out of a 5 ounce bottle back up, all because of after effects of drug exposure and no prenatal care....that's a lie. 

We're done.

Something finally went off in my head, like an alarm clock, and the moment I heard that was being said about me, I simply decided "That's it. I'm out." I just can't see myself continuing to be drug through the mud, lied to, lied about, manipulate, coerced, and strong armed into doing something that has ruined my life. Nothing good has come to my family through fostering. Nothing good has come to my life through trying to adopt. And the sick part is, I can't even turn to some of my friends and family members about it, because according to them, I should be over it already. I cannot continue to put myself through this anymore. I need to be a good mother to my four children. I need to be a good wife to my husband. I need to be a good author for my fans who are waiting for my books. I need to be a good daughter to my aging mother, and a good sister to my brothers. I need to be a good person again. Right now I am not a good person. I am a crusty, brittle shell of the person I was a year ago (pink cheeked and full of optimism that I would change the world one child at a time!) who doesn't believe she is worth a hill of beans, let alone another child. Hell, I couldn't save the ones they gave me, that right there is proof.

I'm ashamed of how awful I let things get in my family before I decided to abort this foster/adoption thing. I'm ashamed that I've let myself become this unhappy before finally admitting to people that I'm not doing okay.

So here's the reason for my long, rambling post:

I am having a bad week. This week has resulted in my husband and I turning in our foster license and forfeiting our efforts at adopting another child. In the last two months alone, we have lost a child, buried a relative due to taking her own life, face substantial financial problems, tackled several health issues--some of which involve my CHILDREN, lost our dream of of extending our family through adoption, and I've gone ten rounds with a fake drama teacher who has a serious addiction to his smart phone. I SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE CRAP. I can't. I want to, but I cannot. I need to chill. I need to heal. My kids need to heal. And we all need to be left alone to find some friggin' sense of normalcy at the end of a year that will go down in history as the worst year of our existence.

Now...back to writing Candace's story. It's coming, folks. I promise. Sometimes my books are the only thing that keeps me sane. I wish I could escape into them right now.

P.S. I'm not supposed to do this, but I am showing you a picture of my daughter. What are they going to do about it? Take away our license? Tough. I already turned it back in this morning...

Her name was going to be Holly Sandra, after my husband's mother. We miss her very much,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For your NOOK....finally!

Look what's finally available for your NOOK eReader?

Yay! Baby & Bump has finally gone live on Barnes & Noble, and I am so psyched to share book 1 in the This & That Series with my gorgeous readers!

Here's the link: BABY & BUMP for your NOOK!

(Notice the nifty new price of $1.99. Uh huh.)

Happy reading, my lovelies!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Barnes & Noble Nook Press sucks. It really does.

I've been waiting five days for my book to go live on B&, and it's still "processing". There is a reason Kindle & Amazon are running circles around Nook & B&N.

I'm so sorry to my amazingly supportive Nook readers. I feel terrible that you've waited as long as you have to read Lexie & Fletcher's story. Drop me an email at, and I'll send you an eCopy of my novella, Bittersweet, as an "I'm sorry Barnes & Noble suck a big set of gonads" gift. :)

It won't fix the problem, but hopefully it will make waiting a bit longer a touch more tolerable.

Thanks for loving me, my gorgeous readers!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free is the price for me!

Hey guys! Guess what?

Baby & Bump comes out for Nook's today! sweeten the deal, the price has dropped to just $1.99 for the eBook. I loves me some cheap books.

And to celebrate Barnes & Noble's debut of Baby & Bump, the second book in the This & That Series, Apples & Oranges, is free until 10pm (PST) tonight! Wanna know what I love even more than cheap books?


Grab your copies today...just remember: The This & That Series is meant to be read in order, so if you're going to grab the free copy of Apples & Oranges to read, be sure to grab Baby & Bump to read first. :)

It's going to be a lovely day of reading, isn't it?


Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey guys,

I decided to reread one of my favorite books of all time. Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer. I love this book with all my heart. You should buy it today.

No, seriously. Go buy it now.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I got some of the talented Meggan Connors' latest, The Grey Witch, last night, and I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to read/crit it today. Her work is exquisite. Grab some, you'll see for yourself.

My monday is looking pretty good at this point. I love some good critiques. I've worked with writers who get a little worked up about constructive criticism, but Meggan's not that way. She likes the feedback. As do I. If I stopped listening to suggestions, I would be a very stagnated writer. And that would be bad. Stagnated is bad. Productive and open minded is good.

What are you doing with your Monday, ya'll?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school...back to work.

Hi all,

Thanks for being so kind to me after my last post. I got so many supportive emails from my gorgeous, loyal, sweet, thoughtful readers that it brought me to tears. To say this has been an awful summer would be an understatement. The loss of our daughter has felt like a death, and our foundation was rocked. Hard. My husband and children and I were all crippled by the loss, and I still can't seem to get through a Sunday afternoon without crying. (Why Sunday? Well, I don't know. Honestly, I think it's because that is the one day a week when I slow down enough to actually think about my daughter, or where she is, or what she is experiencing without me protecting her. That seems to be when I get choked up the most.) I can't say that the grief is gone. I'm not sure it will ever be gone, I'm fairly certain that she will be my last thought as I leave this earth of old age some day (where she is, who she is with, is she safe, sick, dead, alive, happy, sad, etc) but it is slightly more tolerable now, and so I'm trying very hard to pick myself back up, brush myself off, and focus on the future. I'm finally seeing some sunshine break through the clouds. Not a lot, but a little....

Seeing some sunshine. Not a lottle...but a little.

So where am I at right now? I've decided that I have to keep my focus forward. If I keep looking back, I am never going to recover. I am never going to stop aching all the time. And I am never going to be the kind of wife and mother I want to be. Just because there are people in the world who do the wrong thing, doesn't mean I need to give them power over my life. I can choose to move on. I can choose to be a better person because of it. That's what I'm deciding to do. Instead of rolling over and wailing for the rest of my life (which is what I want to do, believe me) I'm choosing to get up every morning, smile and laugh, take care of my kids, love my husband, and live a full, happy, healthy life. Or die trying. :)

If I hate the people who took my daughter away and are continuing to lower her quality of life and put her in danger, I will never be able to move on and love my other children properly. I refuse to let the armpit of society ruin my perspective, however irrevocably they fractured my family.

Well, school is back in session, and I am relieved, to say the least. Summers are just plain difficult when you have five children with ages spanning 14 to 5. The teenager wants to be constantly entertained, or better yet, to be hanging out with friends. The 11 year old girl wants to be at the mall with as much money as I am willing to give her, but doesn't want to work for it, nor does she want to behave kindly to get me to drive her there. The 6 year old was pretty easy, set him free in the backyard, and he would imaginary play all by himself from dawn until dusk. I love that kid. His only flaw? He's sort of a pill, and lives to tick off his older siblings. That got old really quick. And the 5 year old? Oy....this poor kid is on the Autism Spectrum, and being out of his daily school routine reeked havoc on his state of mind. He was confused and frustrated much of the time, and he wandered from activity to activity without being able to buckle down and focus on just one. It was odd. He's going back to school next Tuesday, and I think he's as relieved as I am. We also got a new placement this summer, around the time our daughter left us. She is almost 3 months old now, and sweet as a bug, but is only a temporary placement. She will likely join her aunt in the coming weeks, and though it will be hard, we are happy to see her going to a steady, responsible, safe home. This is a good thing. It's too bad not all foster relative placements are that reliable.....ahem. That's all I'll say about that.

Spent a week with my nerd and kids on Whidbey Island. Best. Vacation. Ever.

Now that my kids are back in school, I am trying to get back into writing. With four children in school full time, and the infant leaving soon, I will be able to actually "work" all day. What a novel concept. Pun intended. I am really looking forward to finishing Candace's story (This & That Series, book 3) but I'm easing back into it slowly. As most of you know--if you've read Marisol's story, Apples & Oranges, you know that Candace's story will be a tough one, and will deal with a lot of raw emotion. And since right now in my own life I have a lot of my own raw emotion, I am finding that penning Candace's story is taking more out of me that I have to give. Don't worry, it will come--just not right away. In the meantime, I am working on a Young Adult with magical elements that I've been pondering for a year or so. It seemed like the right time to tackle something completely unrelated. And so far, so good.

This epitomizes my outlook these days.

I'm also focusing on getting ready to go to the Emerald City Writer's Conference in October. I go pretty regularly, but wasn't able to attend last year, so I am especially excited to be returning this year. I'm riding to the conference with a great friend and fellow writer, Jess McCallan, who is also a foster parent. It will be nice to drive for 5 hours with someone who will listen to my woes and actually understand them. I was hoping to hang with one of my good friends and fabulous editor, Meggan Connors, too, but she will be skipping the conference this year. Big bummer. She's a kick in the pants. Maybe next year. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm super psyched to spend a weekend in a hotel room ALONE, and to spend hours walking around IKEA. Good Lord, I'm almost more excited about IKEA than the stupid conference. So weird.

Starting fresh. Hope it hatches something wonderful. It's time for wonderful in my life.

I hope the beginning of autumn finds you all healthy and happy. I hope you're all finding most excellent books to read and enjoy. And I really hope you've all grabbed your copies of BABY & BUMP and APPLES & ORANGES for your Kindles. B&B will be available for your Nook at the end of September. As a Nook reader, I am super glad to finally get to share. Thank you for being so patient.

Hooray for the season on pumpkin flavored everything!


Sunday, August 18, 2013


"Grief fills the room up of my absent child,

Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me,

Puts on his pretty look, repeats his words,

Remembers me of his gracious parts,
Stuffs out his vacant garments with his form."

William Shakespeare

My creativity has taken a major shot to the gut this past week or so. We lost a foster child that we intended to adopt, after exactly nine months in our care, with not a glance in our direction by her biological family. I cared for that little girl like she were my own flesh and blood. The adoption papers were drawn up. I was as in love with her as I am with my own biological children, and now that we're without her, our house feels broken. When I sent her away with the social worker, I sent away a piece of my heart, and the simple fact that I will never see her again cripples me.

I know that all of my readers are waiting with baited breath for book 3 of the This & That Series (Candace's story,) and I vow that I will write it...eventually. But right now, it is all I can do to keep from falling apart at the seams. Grief is a fickle b*tch, people. It rears it's ugly head right when you least expect it, and it sucker punches when you think you've got it all figured out.

I consider myself a fairly strong person. I grew up in a tumultuous home, got married young, got divorced young, raised two kids by myself before remarrying. I've faced having a child diagnosed with Autism, and the challenges that raising a special needs child can present. I've seen hard times, and I've seen pain. But nothing--I mean nothing--compares to losing a child. And though I've never lost a child to death...losing a child to an uncertain and potentially dangerous and detrimental future from which I am banished feels as close to death as I can get without a damned coffin.

I will write book 3 in the This & That Series. I promise you, my dear, loyal readers. I will never let down all of you--because, simply put: without each of you, I would be a basket case by now. It is your reviews (good and bad,) comments, and messages via Twitter and Facebook that have kept me going through what I will forever refer to as the hardest experience of my entire life. And I won't leave you (and my brilliant editor) hanging. Candace's story will be told. I promise. I just need to take some time for both of us (Candace and I) to grieve a little bit.

I promise to keep you all posted. And please share your thoughts on Baby & Bump and Apples & Oranges with your friends. Help spread the word about these books that have meant so much to me, and have gotten me though the last few months of my life without climbing into a clock tower with a rifle. In the meantime, I am going to do some soul searching. Find whatever helps me heal this ache in my heart. Once I've done that, back to writing I'll be.

Thanks for everything. <3

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A note to my awesome readers....

As an author, I strive to write stories that are not only heartwarming and romantic, but are also somewhat true to life. As most of you know, life is messy.

 People make mistakes, use poor judgment, do the opposite of what others (their families, their friends, etc) would prefer them to do, and sometimes they even screw up. My characters are purposefully the same. I work hard at making them as "human" as possible, and that's why they often make judgment calls that are infuriating for my readers.

They find love in inconvenient places, during the "wrong time" of their lives, they love the wrong person, and sometimes they screw up relationships. My hope is that by reading my books, my readers will not only feel a kinship with my characters, but will also find themselves connecting with them through their ups and downs. Find a reason to see a little bit of themselves in a character purposefully written to be flawed.

Because nobody makes the right choice every time, am I right, or am I right? I know that reading a book that is taken in a direction I didn't appreciate is frustrating as a reader, and I've lost count of how many times I've read books by my favorite authors that have left me aggravated. But that's the joy of reading. You can experience story after story, ending after ending, and be left reeling from all sorts of emotions. Anger, sadness, joy, confusion. It's all part of the journey.

I love all feedback, my dear readers, it is priceless, and every word of it--good and bad--helps build my craft as an author. But just know as you read my stories that I don't ever intend to write stories that are made up of perfect characters, who make perfect choices, and lead perfect lives. Brooke Moss books will always be based on real life. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

It is absolutely my privilege to share them with all of you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Marisol's story is LIVE, Baby!


Book 2 in the This & That Series, Apples & Oranges, went live today! You can grab your Kindle copy by clicking HERE.

Here's the blurb:

Marisol Vargas had life all figured out. Having fun without strings attached was good. Commitment and monogamy was bad. That is, until both of her best friends got married and had kids. Now all of the sudden, instead of being envied for her footloose and fancy-free lifestyle, Marisol finds herself on the outside looking in. Suddenly her home feels like a big, empty house. And her heart feels like the last kid picked for kickball.

Then her car breaks down.

When Marisol meets the owner of Triple D's Garage, Demetrious Antonopolous, she pegs him a bitter, blue collar grunt. They're complete opposites, like apples and oranges, yet beneath the aggravation lies some serious passion.

Little does Marisol know that Demo might be exactly what she needs, and it has nothing to do with cars or the kitchen. 

When tragedy strikes, will Marisol be able to let Demo in, or will she push him away? And how can two complete opposites finally learn how to make great recipes together?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book #2!!


Book 2 of the This & That Series, APPLES & ORANGES (Marisol's story) will debut on FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th!! Squeeeee! 

I'm so, incredibly excited to share this second book with you all....

To celebrate this release....BABY & BUMP (This & That Series, book 1) will be FREE on Amazon Wednesday August 7th, Thursday August 8th, AND Friday August 9th

That's THREE days of FREE reading, peeps! Mark your calendars, and spread the word...let's get everyone ready for book 2! 

Here's where to get Baby & Bump FREE!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Join the Baby & Bump revolution!

I am so pleased that my readers are enjoying the first book in the This & That Series, Baby & Bump!

Writing Lexie & Fletcher's story was so much fun...a laugh out loud experience I'll never forget. So was Marisol's story, Apples & Oranges, which will be coming out soon. Here's hoping her book will be as well received as Lexie's. :)

In the meantime, why not grab a copy of BABY & BUMP today, & I'll give you a FREE copy of one of my other books!

Let me help you pass the time until Marisol's story drops...

Email me at me for deets... :D


Friday, August 2, 2013


Hip, hip hooray!!

Underwater is officially available for purchase! Check it out here: ETOPIA PRESS.

This is my first YA, and to make it extra fancy pants, it is a fantasy. No kidding! I'd had a story about mer folk brewing in my mind for a while before I put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop) so this was a purely experimental book. The good news is, my incredible friend and CP, Rachel Firasek, was also an editor with eTopia Press, and she helped to get me signed.

When I sat down to write this book, I decided to base it at a nearby lake that terrifies me. No really, it does. It's over 1200 feet deep and nobody really knows what the crap is at the bottom of it, so whenever we go there, I am petrified of drowning. Or losing my wedding ring. Or drowning. Or losing a kid. Or drowning. Or losing a shoe or my iPad mini in the water. Or drowning. Basing this story in the Sandpoint/Pend Oreille area just came naturally to this colossal chicken...

I am especially proud of the heroines of this book. They're two sisters named Luna and Evey, and they're loosely based on my nieces, Ryann and Eedy, who are about as wonderful as two nieces can get. It was my honor to base these characters on two kids that mean the universe to me. :)

Plus....Luna and Saxon. Le sigh. Oh, how very much they love each other, and how much the belong together, even if they are from two different species, and the odds are stacked up against them. I'm excited to share their story with you. I hope you like it.

Here is what Underwater is all about....

The secrets of Pend Oreille are best left beneath the surface…

After being partially paralyzed in a car accident, wheelchair-bound Luna Prosser is struggling to keep her head above water. Fighting for independence from her over-protective parents and determined to seem normal as she wheels down the halls of her high school, Luna can’t believe the hot new guy on campus actually talks to her—and looks at her with more than just pity in his haunted, aquamarine eyes. But Luna has no idea how different Saxon really is, or what responsibilities he faces. For there are secrets in the dark waters of Pend Oreille—secrets that could drown them both…

Monday, July 29, 2013

Guess what's dropping this Friday??

Underwater: The Mer of Pend Oreille, book 1

I'd almost forgotten about this exciting book. I wrote it on a whim, not knowing if I was equipped to write either YA or fantasy.....but it turned out to be one of my greatest adventures. I am so thrilled to see if my gorgeous, awesome, loyal, smart, witty, wonderful readers likes it as much as I hope they do.

I'll post buy links as soon as I have them! Thanks, Etopia Press, for believing in Luna & Saxon, and their adventures!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Excerpt time!

Excerpt time! I keep getting reviews from readers saying they loved Lexie's family dynamic. Here's just a taste of the mayhem she puts up with during family dinners.... 

“Mom, the soup is great as always.” Corbin wiped his mouth with a napkin. “When are you going to share your recipe with me so I can make it for Andrea at home?”

My mother shifted in her seat, and she patted her blonde helmet proudly. Flattery got people everywhere with my mom. “It’s a secret.”
“I realize that.” Corbin took another bite and closed his eyes. “But I’m thirty-five now. Don’t you think I’m old enough to be trusted with the sacred family recipes?”
Andrea nodded. “Like the pumpkin cheesecake recipe.”
I pointed my fork at my mother. “And the potato salad.”
Darren stopped shoveling food into his mouth, and looked up from his bowl. “And the finger jello.”
Corbin stared at him. “Of all of Mom’s recipes, you want the one for finger jello?”
“Finger jello is awesome.” Darren wiggled his eyebrows. “Jello shots, dude.”
Rolling my eyes, I went back to my soup. “You’re a child.”
“No, I’m not.” He shoved another bite in. “A child cannot legally drink. I, on the other hand, can.” Darren focused his attention on me. “Why are you acting so old, anyway, Lex? It’s not like you’ve got all these responsibilities to keep you home. You should come out with me and Pandi sometime. Do a few shots yourself and loosen up.”
“I don’t need to loosen up.” I put my spoon down slowly. My stomach had turned into merry-go-round. Good Lord, was I ever going to be able to eat a meal without wanting to yak again?
“Yes, you do.” Darren laughed. “You’re wound tight. Seriously, come out with me this weekend. My friend, Spoons, thinks you’re cute.”
“Spoons?” Andrea chuckled. “Do I even want to know where someone gets the nickname of Spoons?”
Corbin choked on his soup. “I say go for it, Lex. Go out with Spoons, and let Pandi and Darren show you a good time.”
“Do you have any friends with normal names?” I asked my little brother, who’d pulled his phone out again, and was texting under the table.
“Yes,” he said. “Barry. Joe. Axel. Rosco.”
Corbin, Andrea, and I all dissolved into giggles, and my mom just shook her head. “Your friends have terrible names,” she sighed. “Lexie, did you know that Andrea and Corbin bought a new house to flip on the South Hill?”
The South Hill was one of Spokane’s most coveted neighborhoods. With its hills, mature pine and maple trees lining the center of the roads in between the lanes, and turn of the century homes, I’d been dreaming about living there for years. “Really?” I asked, pushing my bowl back. “No kidding, guys? Where at?”
Corbin squeezed his wife’s hand. “It’s on Elm, and it is completely made of brick, with paned windows and a tiny courtyard out front.”
“It’s gorgeous. Apparently the owner died five years ago, and it’s been empty ever since. His children finally decided to sell, since it’s gone into such disrepair.” Andrea grinned.
She and Corbin’s reputation in the world of real estate around these parts was impressive, to say the least. The local realtors loved telling their buyers that they were selling a “Baump Home.” The name was synonymous with exceptional quality and high-end finishings. No corners cut by Corbin and Andrea. They took pride in their work, and it showed.
“We’re going to bring it back to life.” Corbin nodded affirmatively. “The plan is to have it done in three or four months. Why don’t you buy it, Lex? That should be enough time for you to put in notice at your apartment and arrange for financing.”
“It’s the perfect house for you.” Andrea helped herself to more soup. “It’s a buyers’ market right now, you know.”
My mother laughed breezily. “What? You want Alexandria to buy a house? On her own? Alone?”
Darren looked up from his phone. “That means the same thing, Ma.”
“Hush.” She scolded him. “Now, Lexie, you’re not seriously considering this, are you?”
I gaped at her. “I just found out about it. I’m not seriously considering anything right now. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?” An image of the little flashing heart I’d seen on my ultrasound earlier, and my chest expanded. “I’m thirty. It’s probably time I put down some roots somewhere.”
My mother waved my words away like a fly. “Oh, shush. You’re not even married.”
My cheeks heated. “Last time I checked, they give home loans to single women, too.”
“I know, but you wouldn’t want to be a homeowner without a man around.” She gestured all around her. “It’s a horrible headache to have something need repair with no husband around to fix it.”
“Oh, come on. You just call Pastor Irm to fix it,” Darren said, not bothering to look up.
“I do not.” Embarrassment pinked my mother’s round cheeks.
My mother tried very unsuccessfully to hide that she was in love with the pastor, and had been for a long time. Yet she was on every committee the church offered that required her to work directly with the pastor, and ate dinner with him at least twice a week.
My brothers and I referred to it as evidence. She referred to it as stewardship. We all silently agreed not to discuss it.
“Well, we could help Lexie if something went wrong,” Corbin said.
“That’s right.” Andrea smiled at me across the table. “What’s the point in having two carpenters in the family if you don’t use them?”
“But you didn’t get your first house until you’d married my Corbin.” My mother blinked a few times. “Would you really have wanted to do it alone?”
Andrea shrugged. “If that’s the way my life had turned out, then yes.”
My mom snorted. “It’s ludicrous. Come on, Lexie. Find yourself a good man. Someone much more mature than that Nate, and settle down. You’ll get a house and a gaggle of kids to care for.”
I ignored the way she’d said my ex husband’s name like it was dripping in acid and burning her tongue, and smiled patiently at her. “Did you just use the term ‘gaggle’?”
“Yes, I did.” She took another bite. “Now, let’s talk about you. What have you been up to lately, dear?”
All eyes rolled over to me, and I felt the sonogram pictures in my jeans pocket start to burn a hole. I was on the verge of dropping a double whammy on my family, and it was contributing to my nausea. My mother’s reaction, which I was predicting would be exceptionally theatrical, would be nothing compared to the disappointment on Corbin’s and Andrea’s faces.
“Well, like I said when I got here.” I swallowed, and avoided my mother’s probing eyes. “I went to the doctor today.”
“What for?” my mother demanded.
“That’s all you have to tell us?” Darren rolled his eyes. “Seriously. Get out more.”
“Can it,” I hissed. “So anyway, there’s something I need to tell you all.”
Corbin leaned forward, resting his elbows on the tabletop. “Are you okay?”
“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Jerusalem, she’s got cancer!” My mother pressed a hand to her ample bosom and choked on immediate tears. “I knew it. I knew it. When your dad had the aneurysm, I knew that it would strike one of you kids next. I just knew it.”
“She didn’t have an aneurysm,” Darren pointed out. “She’s sitting right here.”
“Then it’s cancer!” Mom bellowed.
Andrea jumped out of her chair and went to put her arm around my mom’s shoulders. “Shhh, Patsy. Relax. Lexie hasn’t even told us what she went to the doctor for.”
“Or what kind of a doctor she went to see.” Darren scoffed, grabbing another roll. “She could have gone to a woman doctor or something.”
My mother yowled. “Ovarian cancer!”
My head flopped into my hands and I grit my teeth. “Seriously, Mom. I don’t have cancer, all right? Can you take a breath and let me finish my damn announcement?”
Her tears immediately stopped. “There’s no need for language.”
“Just… everybody relax, all right?” Corbin touched my arm, offering a one-shouldered shrug, as if to say, our mom…what a looney, right? “Go ahead, Lexie.”
Well, here goes nothing, I thought to myself, my hand going into my jeans pocket, and holding the picture underneath the tabletop the same way my brother had tried to hide his phone. “Actually, Darren was right. I went to the woman doctor.”
“Really? Gross. Don’t share that with us,” Darren said around a mouthful of roll.
“Grow up,” Corbin said in his most fatherly voice, which he’d been perfecting since our own dad’s death thirteen years earlier.
“What’s going on?” My mother dissolved into fake tears again. “Ovarian cyst? I’ve had three myself, and they’re horribly painful. Endometriosis? Your Aunt Dory had that. Oh my word, I always knew one of you children would be sick, and I’d have to care for you. Don’t worry, dear, I’ll be here for you. You can move back into your room, and—”
I shook my head. “I’m not moving back in. I don’t have an ovarian cyst or endometriosis, either.”
“Well, for hell’s sake, what’s going on with you?” she demanded, pushing up her glasses and turning off her tears for a second time.
Darren sniggered. “No need for language.”
“Hush.” She swatted her napkin at him, and knocked a roll out of his hand.
Corbin took off his wire-rimmed glasses and rubbed his eyes. “I think we all just need to calm—”
“I’m pregnant.”
My voice seemed to echo, despite the walls being lined with plush toys. Maybe it just sounded that way in my head. I couldn’t be sure.

Grab BABY & BUMP....available now!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cover love, baby!


Baby & Bump was so well received by my wonderful, smart, loyal, beautiful readers that my editor (the incredible Meggan Connors) and I put book 2 in the This & That Series on the fast track, so that we can hurry up and share Marisol's story! :)

And what's a new book without a gorgeous new cover?

Gaaaaahhhhh!!! I love it. What do you think? What do you think is going to happen in Marisol's story? You'll only have to wait a bit longer to find out. In the meantime, enjoy this cover. I sure do!

P.S. Grab your copy of Baby & Bump here!

Thank you.

I am so humbled.

As a writer, all you really want is to share your stories with readers. Sure, making some money while I do that is nice, and that's the main reason I self published Baby & Bump in the first place. I was ready to actually make some money on my work. But besides that, having readers with my stories, & knowing that my characters are out there in the world.....


I've sold just under 1000 copies of Baby & Bump. Yeah, I said just under one thousand. The first hundred I blamed on friends. The second hundred I blamed on family. The eight hundred after that? I have no idea. I don't have that many friends or family, so that's out. I think these are just normal people who wanted to read MY book. Who knew?

Well, I just had to write a blog thanking you all for being so loyal and wonderful. I can't believe I am experiencing readership like this. This kind of stuff happens to other writers, not me. Please, my friends, know that I am grateful. I am humbled. And I am dedicated to finishing the next two books of the This & That Series soon.

Much love, ya'll. You're the best.

And grab your copy of Baby & Bump here!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another day, another excerpt!

Still on the fence about whether or not to buy Baby & Bump?

Why not give this excerpt a taste, then go grab a copy for just $2.99....

“That would be great.” Something flashed in Fletcher’s eyes, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. His lower lip pulled between his teeth while I was trying to figure it out. He looked so edible when he did that.
“So that’s settled,” I whispered.
Fletcher took hold of my upper arms and brought me against his chest. I could feel his heart galloping. “You really are something, Lex. Thank you.”
I opened and closed my mouth a few times, but couldn’t think of anything relevant to say. The scent that was so him flooded my senses, making my ears ring and my eyes slide shut against my will. He smelled like fabric softener, and minty toothpaste, and something else. Something musky and so, undeniably male it made my toes curl in my sneakers.
“I wish…” Fletcher’s words petered out, and we were left in the dim hallway with silence all around us.
His hands started tracing circles on my back, leaving trails of tickling heat behind them as they went. I shivered beneath his touch, knowing I needed to put a stop to it, but wanting it to go on for at least another hour. Maybe two. Or possibly forever. The moment stretched out from three seconds, to five, and then to ten. I felt Fletcher’s nose against my messy hair, and listened as he drew in a deep breath. The electricity between us was so strong, it nearly buckled my knees
“You wish what?” I pulled back and looked up at him.
“There’s something between us,” he whispered, his breath dancing across my lips.
I gulped. I wanted Fletcher. I’d wanted him for months. But this was wrong. So wrong. It was like I was at battle with myself.
He pressed one hand to the small of my back and brought the other up to cup the back of my neck. I loved that. “I can’t fight it,” he mumbled, walking me backwards slowly.
The little redheaded angel on my right shoulder shook her head solemnly. Tell him to fight it. Walk away, drive home, and eat some chocolate. That’s the right thing to do.
Fletcher brushed his nose across my cheekbone, and my heart started Irish clog dancing inside of my chest.
The little redheaded devil on my left shoulder joined in the dance. Screw doing the right thing. Tell him to kiss you, and to make it worth your time!
“Then don’t fight it.” The words came out of my mouth before I had any time to think about what I was saying.
That must’ve been the green light Fletcher was waiting for, because his lips were on mine before I could even process another word. They were full and warm, but surrounded by a glorious five o’clock shadow that made my limbs go weak and my eyes roll back in my head.
And roll back, they did.
Because when his head tipped to the side, and his tongue traced a path along my upper lip to encourage my mouth to open more, it was over. My hands dug into the back of his hair, tangling into his blonde locks, and securing his face to mine. His hand pressed my body into his even more, arching my back before sliding down my hip to my thigh, which he raised against his hip as we landed against the wall with a muted thud. An old painting swayed near the back of my head, but I didn’t care as Fletcher’s fingers kneaded gently against the back of my knee, and his teeth caught my lower lip with the softest of nips. His mouth moved down my jaw line to my neck, just below my ear, where his breath against my skin caused me to gasp—yes, gasp—as every nerve ending in my body hummed with utter awareness.
Self control: gone.

Grab Baby & Bump today! Click HERE!