Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Something that has changed over my lifetime.

I follow the AnnDee Ellis blog, do you? If not, click here and check it out. It's fantastically fun and thought provoking. I especially like the 8 Minute Memoir blog prompts.

This week's prompt was Something that has changed over my lifetime...

And boy did that make me think. So many things have changed over the last 41 years. Some for the better, some for the worse. Some are things I love, others are things I can't stand. The state of our country? Can't stand it. Advancements in alternative hair and wig construction? Love it.

But I would have to say that the one thing I love the very most is...I love social media.

Wait...what? Don't most people hate it, and say it is the end of genuine communication between human beings? I read once that social media eats humility.

Really? Seriously?

So......I adamantly disagree. And here's why:

When I was a kid, it was phone conversations, face to face conversations, or letters. Letters were fun, but I struggled (my whole life) with face to face and phone conversations. So much so that I've ruined relationships because I sucked so badly at them. True story.

In my experience, social media has brought people together. Folks who are socially awkward, like me, can have conversations--meaningful conversations--with folks they can barely utter hello to in person. People can discuss heavy topics without feeling pressured to bow to someone else's opinions because they're intimidating or overly intense. People can share things--religion, life wisdom, pain, life experiences--without the agonizing pressure of being stared at or judged if their words don't coincide with someone else's opinions. People can turn off the noise of opposition that can, at times, become abusive and aggressive, and practice some self preservation.

Ear muff yourself to that opposition.

For me... social media has been a safety net during times of significant strife. It has become a lifeline across five thousand miles between myself and my safety net. And even before we moved abroad, it acted as a safety net for someone like me--again, socially awkward--to sustain friendships and working relationships. It has enabled me to have a successful career, and to build my readership and brand. In sharing my sorrows and fears publicly, I have found solace and comfort in friendships that only exist online. And in sharing my sorrows and fears, I have initiated healing and growth in the lives of friends and followers. I do not regret my fondness for social media. I am grateful for this amazing change that has happened in my lifetime. I am grateful to have been a part of it. I wouldn't change it for the world.

What has changed in your lifetime that you're grateful for?


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