Monday, July 31, 2017


The thing about living in South Korea is......Koreans don't swim.

I don't know why. They just don't. Very few people know how to swim, and those that do know how don't do it, because often times swimming involves going out into the sunshine, which means they could potentially get some color on their skin...which in their minds will inevitably lead to skin cancer. And, as someone who regularly grows tumors in her BUTT (click here to read that gem,) I have tried repeatedly to dispel those rumors, to no avail. Much like the dreaded (and mythical) Fan Death, Koreans are convinced that sun = cancer. Therefore, no swimming.

Never heard of Fan Death. Google it. It's awesomely absurd.

Moving on...

One of the best parts of going back to the USA for the summers is swimming. Oh my, how my children love swimming. I cannot even tell you how many pictures I have of my children swimming. Here are just a few from our adventures over the past few years:

Seriously. My kids LOVE the water.

So when we go to America each summer, they are obsessed with swimming. None of the apartment complexes here in South Korea have swimming pools, unfortunately. Which is odd, considering how big and fancy these places are, you would think a pool would be a definite amenity. Um, no. Not in Korea. So we always rent a place to stay in Korea that has a pool. And my kids spend every morning and every night inside of it. Even on stormy days when the wind blows a table umbrella into the pool on top of them...they keep swimming. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

We invited our close friends to come swim with us, swam alone, swam in the dark, swam in the sun--and got sunburned. We sometimes went to one of the many lakes nearby and swam, and swam in the pool at our rental. We swam happy. We swam sad. We swam in a box, and with a fox.

Okay, we never swam with a fox. Unless you count the double nipple piercing guy who lived below us who hung out at the pool a lot, and talked about his erotic poetry. (Insert eye roll now.) He was not what I would personally consider to be a fox. But he rocked those weird nipple rings like a stud, despite being my age and entirely too old for those things. (Dude, the 90's called. They want their trend back.)

I would venture to say that while my personal favorite moment of the summer was sending my oldest off on his mission (click here to read that post,) my children's favorite part was swimming. All day, every day, swimming. There wasn't an evening that I didn't have towels and trunks hanging over the railing on my balcony, or wet spots on the carpet from soaked children running through the apartment. I never had enough clean towels, and I must've bought sunscreen eleven times over our five week stay.

My children are agonizingly white. It's painful to look at.

Here are some shots from our adventures in the pools (and lakes) this summer. I can't wait to move back to the USA, so we can live amongst swimmers again. Pools are awesome. Especially when you have kids like mine, and they're happiest when swimming....

What is your children's favorite part of summertime?