Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I am back, and I am bigger than ever.

Okay, I'm not bigger, in fact, I'm pretty much the same size as I was when I went back to the USA five weeks ago. But my heart is bigger, and I've come back with stories to share with you all over the next twelve months until we fly home to the USA for GOOD.

I can't wait. For reals.

I'll start my sharing with the most important summer 2017 story of them all: my son.

He left on a mission to Santiago, Chile for two years. He's currently in Mexico receiving some language instruction, and will be moving on to Chile in 20 days. Saying goodbye to him was agonizing, and there isn't a moment since that I haven't thought about him, worried about him, and prayed for him.

The cool thing is, I know he is in the right place. The feelings in our home and within our family since he got on that plane to go serve God and his fellow man has been palpable. Literally! I've never felt so many blessings in my life. They're literally raining down on us!

The best thing so far has been watching the change in my son. He has already gone from a typically self centered eighteen year old kid to a young man filled with maturity and the Spirit of God. He speaks openly about his beliefs and his gratitude for his faith and the spiritual foundation we've given him. His transformation--barely a month in--is already remarkable.

I'm so grateful he is having this selfless experience.

This was absolutely the highlight of my summer.

What was the highlight of your summer?


P.S. Got questions about why he's serving a mission, or what church we are members of? Email me directly at or click HERE.