Tuesday, April 11, 2017

who would you have dinner with?

I watched a video on Facebook recently, as it's making rounds on all of my friend's pages. The camera man asks parents who they would sit down to dinner with, dead or alive, anyone in the world. And then he recorded the parents answering the questions. Most of them mentioned stars and singers, and world leaders, etc.

But then they brought their kids in, and asked the same question. Almost all the kids said they wanted to eat with their families. Their parents, siblings, extended family in some cases. It was incredibly sweet, and all the parents were shocked to see that their kids' top picks were THEM.

I asked my kids who they would like to eat with, and while there were a few answers like "Emma Watson" (that was from my 17 year old son...for obvious reasons) and "Sean ####", whose last name will remain anonymous because he is my son's friend, whom my daughter is head over heels for....

Most of their answers were "Mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins (lots of cousins mentioned) and their grandparents." It was really enchanting to see that our meals together every evening mean something to my kids--even though when we are having them, they act bored, disinterested, aloof, hyper, and completely, utterly unwilling to eat the food I've cooked.

Yeah. Most meals give me a headache.

But somehow, in the midst of all that chaos--and believe me, it's freaking chaos--they've managed to grow to have an appreciation for that time we spend together. Sure, they act like they'd rather be getting a root canal, but underneath it all, they have come to actually enjoy it and depend on it for love, togetherness, and reassurance that mom & dad are always there. I hope we've instilled the importance of dinners together in each of the kids, that way when they're parents, too, they'll keep up the tradition.

Though I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm looking forward to hearing how my grandkids are refusing to eat the food they've prepared. That, my friends, is called poetic justice.