Monday, April 17, 2017

So because Easter was a few days ago....

I've been thinking about eggs.

Mostly because there was a Bird Flu outbreak here in Asia a few months ago, and everyone was losing their crap about it. We were fine, of course, but the city where we lived in was very careful on where the eggs we had for sale were from, etc. But as all of my friends painted eggs for Easter back in the USA, I couldn't help but think about how much I love eggs.

My family would probably laugh if you asked them about my relationship with eggs. They're one of my favorite foods. I love them so much that I get up early to cook eggs a million different ways for my kids every morning--which is especially unfortunate for my 10 year old, Charlie, who would prefer never to eat another egg again. But whatever. Eggs are brilliant.

My teenagers have learned to tolerate my forceful egg serving. Sometimes they argue, but they all know that if they eat their protein filled egg breakfasts every morning, they'll perform better in school, so they relent. I try to be creative, but when it comes to my kids, they really just want me to scramble them and let them douse them in either ketchup or Tobasco sauce. Personally, I think ketchup on an egg is a crime, but I'm down with Tobasco. I would eat Tobasco on everything, if I thought I could handle it.

But I can't. I'm a spice lightweight. *sigh*

Here are my ten top ways to eat eggs. Not that you asked, but lands sake, it's hard to think of things to blog about.

If I am ever taken out to breakfast, I will inevitably order Eggs Benedict. I still remember the first time I ate Eggs Benedict. I was at a fancy restaurant with my mom on Mother's Day when I was 17. They served EB with edible flowers on top. I thought it was the height of sophistication.

You literally cannot beat a classic fried egg sandwich. Whenever I make them, my whole family complains...until they bite into them. Then they're hooked. And thanking me. Checkmate. 

A poached egg over asparagus with parmesan will literally make your toes curl and your eyes roll back in your head. This is fact. 
I could eat an omelette every single day. This is fact. I legit could.
Eggs scrambled with goat cheese is a gift from God himself. When you eat it, you can actually *hear* angels sing. Go ahead, try it. You'll thank me.
Toad in a Hole is the ONLY egg breakfast my 10 year old will eat without complaining. I like them, too. They're a bit ghetto, but a lot good, and whenever you can get my kid to eat without complaint, it's a good thing. 
I adore avocados almost as much as I adore eggs. Putting them together is just magic. My 15 year old daughter loves this breakfast, too. She's a good girl.

Egg salad rules my world. My family actually likes it, too, which is rare. Is there anything tastier than an egg salad sandwich on white bread? I think not. However, there's a downside. My family becomes undeniably stinky after eating these. Barf.

The simplicity of a soft boiled egg served with a dash of salt and pepper and a slice of sourdough toast is art.
Most people who know me know that I am not a big Mexican food fan. Just not my thing, especially here in South Korea, where they make *everything* hotter than lava that's been microwaved hotter. But put me in front of a homemade breakfast burrito with some salsa or Tajin seasoning, and it'll be like Wild Kingdom.

How do you like your eggs prepared?

Happy breakfast eating!