Friday, September 23, 2016

Spotlight: Lexie

I love my characters. All of them, even the idiots. And yeah, there are idiots. There always are. It wouldn't be a good book without one.

Today I'm thinking about Lexie Baump, heroine of book 1 in the This & That Series, Baby & Bump. She's self-conscious and bumbling. Geeky and foolish at times. She loves rock and roll, and has to wear her hair short, for fear of looking like Carrot Top. She's divorced and childless....but not by choice. That is, until she makes an epic whoopsie, and turns up pregnant.

Did I mention that she falls in love with her obstetrician?

Yeah, that. It's weird. But somehow sort of meant to be.

Have you read Lexie's story yet?

CLICK HERE to grab your copy...hey, it's only 99 cents. That's cheaper than a latte.

Happy reading!