Friday, September 16, 2016

Music to write by.

Every author I know and love has certain playlists she writes to. Some even have playlists for each of their books. I usually have those, too. Though my last few books have just come after a lot of binge listening a'la iTunes radio.

Which is what I've been doing lately. You should see my current playlist. It makes no sense. It's a total mishmash of songs from various artists that make no sense, except to me.

Here's a taste of the playlist for my current work-in-progress:

My husband hates it when I play Johnny Cash. He says it all sounds like a train. If you listen to the beat, he's totally right. But the music is still awesome. I never get sick of it.

I saw these guys live last fall. They were awesome. Though the guy with the blonde curly hair back there looked about 13 seconds from passing out through the whole concert. But whatevs.

I know, right? It makes no sense. Except to me.

I love my job.


P.S. Remember how obsessed with Cher I was when I wrote The Carny? I do. You can grab a copy of that story RIGHT HERE.