Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ECWC 2016

I'm going to a conference in two weeks, where I will present a workshop called:

Writing Romantic Comedy: It's No Laughing Matter!

I'm sort of crapping my pants about it, too.

You see, this is the conference where I met some of my favorite authors, met some incredible author friends, and where my writing career essentially got off of the ground. I hatched the idea for my debut novel, The What If Guy, at the Emerald City Writers Conference, and started it in my hotel room on the last night. Fast forward almost a year later...and I had my first publishing contract.

Have you read The What If Guy yet? Click here to get your copy....

I'm psyched to go to ECWC this year because of a few different reasons. First, I get to hang with one of my good friends/fellow authors...who also happens to be one of the coolest chicks I've ever met. True story. She and I always have a good time together. We laugh, eat snacks, laugh some more, and talk. Oh the much talking.

I also get to see tons of authors that I admire. Some that I've met, others that I've only ever stalked. I also get to go to plenty of interesting workshops to perfect my craft. I love workshops. Frankly, I never think my growth as an author is done, so workshops and conferences are the bomb-dot-com to me. I always leave feeling refreshed and stoked to tackle my next project! I can't wait!

They had hot firefighters a few years ago. It was sort of lame...and also sort of awesome.

They have this awesome raffle where they give away tons of crazy stuff!!! (This picture is of an author friend, Jenna, who incidentally came up when I googled ECWC.)

I literally never get tired of my home state. <3

The fabulous Cherry Adair always speaks. She's amazing. And hilarious. Nothing better than a hilarious author with great hair. 

I also get to fly from our home in Songdo, South Korea, to Seattle, Washington for five days!!!

Five days. In America. No husband and kids.

(Actually, I wish my husband were coming along. I will miss him. The kids, too, but not as much. They're animals.) ;)

I can't wait to share pictures with all of you.