Monday, September 12, 2016

Black patent leather wallet.

I had a hand me down wallet when I was a kid. It was shiny black, with a clasp closure, and my mother gave it to me. I loved that wallet with all my heart, until I was a teenager, and hated all things "old" (translation: vintage) and tossed it.

Teenagers are bozos. No offense to my teenagers. (They're infinitely smarter than I was.)

When I was about seven or eight, I got five dollars in one of my birthday cards, and I took that five dollar bill, folded it very small, and tucked it into one of the pockets of that beloved wallet. When I went to find that money months later (I'd forgotten about it,) it was gone. And I was devastated.

Utterly destroyed.

I'm pretty sure one of my older brothers took it. In their defense, we were just kids and on top of that, we were pretty poor. So five bucks was a big deal. It likely came in handy for them, and I'd left it in there for so long, they probably thought I'd forgotten about it. (I had.) But regardless, when I realized that it was gone, I was destroyed.

I cried for days. Months, even. Even now as I type this, I am getting prickles in my nose, teasing me with impending tears. I was really, really upset about the loss of that precious five dollar bill. For years--and I mean decades--after, I would literally dream that I'd woken up in the night, spotted the wallet at the end of my bed, opened it, and found the folded bill.

Then I would inevitably wake up and discover myself standing in my room, after having sleepwalked, with my empty patent leather wallet in my hand.

(I found the following pictures on someone's old ETSY page. The wallet is no longer for sale, but it is the EXACT wallet I'd had as a kid. If I ever find one on ETSY again, I'm so buying it. Money is no object! Okay, it is an object. But, I digress......)

See that pocket with the "V" shaped opening? That's where I tucked my folded fiver.

Even now, at forty years old, I sometimes dream that I've woken up in my grown up bed, with my grown up husband snoring next to me, and that beautiful, blessed wallet sitting at the foot of my bed. In the dream, I open all the sections of the wallet, only to find no five dollar bill, and then POOF!

I wake up, and I'm sitting up in my bed. No money, no wallet....but an adorable snoring hubby next to me. So there's that.

I would love to find another one of those wallets. Not to look for my five dollar bill, per say, but to have and to use. I would likely tuck an intricately folded five dollar bill into one of the sections, just for good luck.