Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Latest binge Netflix obsession...

Holy crap, ya'll....

Have you ever watched New Girl on Fox?

Because I just found it..... (I was avoiding it for years, for an odd reason. Zoey Deschanel freaks me out. She sang in a cotton commercial a few years ago, and so help me, the sound of that theme song haunted my nightmares. My husband would sing it to me just to make me mad.)

And I love that show now.

Usually I don't like comedies. Especially 30 minute sitcom comedies. I'm more of an hour long drama person. Think LOST, or Friday Night Lights, or Parenthood. But now, I'm all about Nick, Winston, Schmidtt, and Jess...and all their crazy antics. I'm not sure I've laughed this hard in years. Truly, it makes me laugh in every episode. I never get sick of it.

And so help me....I'm running out of episodes.

What do you binge-watch? What should I turn on after I run out of New Girl?

And have you watched it yet? Because you need to. You'll thank me. You'll wind up crushing on Nick a lot. He's adorable. In a dysfunctional, borderline alcoholic way.