Monday, May 23, 2016

Edits...edits...and more edits...

So I'm going through all three of my books in the This & That Series....

And I'm giving them a spruce up!

You see, in the process of writing a book--a process that takes months and months, sometimes somewhere between 6 and 12--the author will often stop seeing mistakes. It isn't because she's lazy, it's because she has read her own words no fewer than 11,934 and a half times since the day she typed "Chapter One." After a while........things get a bit blurry.

She gets bleary eyed and ignorant. She no longer sees the mistakes, even when they're glaringly obvious. It's not something she's proud of. It just happens.


And then she hires her editor.

In my case, the editor happens to be a gorgeous and wildly talented author friend, who, like me, has a day job, a family, a husband, and a life. So in addition to reading MY book no fewer than 8,903.8 times...she is also writing her own (incredible) books, parenting her own children, and working at her demanding day job. So, much like with me, she starts getting bleary eyed after a while. Her eyes cross as she goes through my work pass after pass. It's not because she's untalented. It's because she's human. Just like me. And humans eyes tend to roll when they've stared at the same words for 900 hours straight...

And sadly, and mistakenly, sometimes things get missed.

It's not because she sucks. It's not even because I suck. It's not because we're lazy, or that I'm too cheap to hire a good editor. My editor is amazing. It's not because we don't care, or that we're just trying to crank out books and make money without putting any care into the finished product. It's not that all self-pubs have poor editing--because that's an ignorant blanket statement. In fact, if anything, we're trying more diligently to put out the very best product possible than some of the big six publishers are!

Finding errors after I've clicked "publish" sucks.


But, it happens. In fact, it happens with my self pubs, my traditional pubs, and everything in between. It even happens with books that I have purchased from major publishing houses as a customer! It happens. We hope and pray that it won't, but even the great Nora Roberts or JK Rowling have had some errors slip through. It happens. No matter what we, as authors,'s never perfect. As much as we want it to never is. Perfection doesn't exist. Especially in the world of publishing.

I could go off on a major tangent based on my traditional publishing vs. self publishing experiences, but I choose not to. *cleansing breath*

Moving on....

Which is why, as an author who values her readers loyalty, and who understands (from an author's perspective) how difficult editing truly can be...I am going in for another pass on the This & That Series. I am rereading my books, catching the things I can spot, and even putting a new set of eyes on it.

By doing this, I will be able to put out new, improved versions of Lexie, Marisol, and Candace's stories. And I am able to honor the people I care so deeply about: each of you. Because without you, dear readers, I am but a crazy chick with an overactive imagination and a computer


(Scary thought.)

My work will never, ever be perfect. This is a fact. But with help from some amazing, talented editors I will be able to continue to put out the best product I am capable of. And with the love of some awesomely supportive readers, I will continue to share my wacky stories.

Thank you for supporting me.

Off to the editing cave I go. :)