Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What book were you assigned to read...

...in school....but wound up loving it?

I never got into The Old Man and the Sea. That one made me crazy. I liked Johnny Tremain, though. But the one that stuck with me the most, the one I've read and re-read at least twenty times over the years, is Silas Marner.

Do any of you remember reading about poor old Silas and his hoarded money and sweet adopted daughter, Eppie? I don't know if that story has ever left me. And frankly, as a foster/adoptive mother, I wonder sometimes if it had to do with my choice to care for children that aren't biologically mine.


This is what writer's block feels like.

I'm excited to share my latest story with you all. It, too, is inspired by Silas Marner and George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans) and I really hope all of my awesome readers enjoy it. After fifteen months of writer's block, I hope my latest characters touch their hearts as much as they touch mine.

Can't wait!