The First Cut is the Deepest

A new adult contemporary romance!

Coming soon!

Jude Shelton's life hasn't exactly gone according to plan. After being diagnosed with a debilitating disease, being fired from his job, and walking in on his fianc√© with his best friend, he retreated to a life of reclusiveness and anonymity in the big city. Jude only leaves his apartment when he's forced to, he shudders at the thought of being close to anyone ever again, and he's about as enjoyable to be around as a porcupine with a chip on its shoulder. 

Amy Owens started college determined to create a life for herself that nobody who knew her wildly dysfunctional family would've  ever thought possible. When her drug addicted sister, Phoebe, gave birth to a very sick, fragile baby, Amy had no choice but to drop her dreams, and pick up the slack. A few years later, and her college goals are still by the wayside, but Amy and her daughter are making do. That is, until Phoebe stumbles back into their lives.

Jude and Amy meet one day in the hallway outside the apartment he considers to be his solace from the world. With one spilled bag of oranges, Lucy--and her beautiful, optimistic mother, Amy--wriggle themselves under Jude's skin, and eventually into his frigid heart. When potentially dangerous people from Phoebe's past return, and the connection between Jude's life and the carefully crafted bubble Amy has created for herself and Lucy become clear, everything else gets muddled.

Trust is broken, ration gets thrown out the window, and loyalty is put to the test as Jude and Amy fight for the little family they've created. But can their love survive a loss so great, it could tear them apart irreparably?

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