Summers at Camp Chimalis Series

An adult romantic fiction series!

When Bree, Molly, Rachael, and April met at summer camp as eight-year-olds, their bond was instant and unbreakable. Now that they're adults with separate paths, their has lives have remained every bit as tightly woven, even through the untimely death of their beloved Bree.

 Through thick and thin, through joy and agony, it's their friendship that grounds them, and reminds them of what really matters. Wherever these friends from Camp Chimalis go in life, these three women always circle back to each other, and back to the place in the lush Idahoan woods where they met.

Trips to Chimalis always guarantee that hilarity will ensue, love will heal everything, and just like when they were kids, Bree is always orchestrating. Even from above.

Though The Summers at Camp Chimalis Series is written as stand alone novels, they are best enjoyed in order.

Sparks flew the moment fifteen-year-old Molly Kaff and Jamie Burnham locked eyes across the dusty Camp Chimalis parking lot. From that moment, they were undeniably and irrevocably in love.

Until they weren’t.

Months after the demise of their fifteen-and-a-half-year marriage, a mutual friend from those treasured summers at camp dies, rattling their tight circle of friends to the core. Her dying request? Bring everyone back to camp one last time.

Returning proves more emotional than Molly expected. Sweltering heat in un-air-conditioned cabins is just the tip of the iceberg. Memories, both delightful and dispiriting, press down on Molly as she grapples with the momentous grief from the loss of her friend…and her husband.

Trying to honor her wishes with the ex hanging around is one thing, but being stuck in the woods with no cell service and years’ worth of hurt and resentment is another. As Molly tries to navigate her way through the heartache, she starts to wonder if she was wrong about the reasons behind her failed marriage. And if maybe her friend orchestrated their Chimalis homecoming from beyond…

Can a few evenings sitting by the campfire eating s’mores be the salve her battered heart needs to finally move on?

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