About That Summer

A contemporary adult romance!

Between the hot nights in un-air-conditioned cabins, planning a memorial service, and seeing each other for the first time since their divorce, Molly and Jamie’s summer vacation just got interesting.

After a mutual friend from their treasured summers at Camp Chimalis dies, their tight circle of friends come together to honor her dying request: bring everyone back to camp one last time. As Molly tries to navigate her way through the heartache, she starts to wonder if she was wrong about the reasons behind her failed marriage. And if maybe her friend orchestrated their homecoming from beyond.

The woods surrounding Priest Lake are filled with memories, both delightful and dispiriting, and Jamie’s newfound surly attitude and six pack aren’t helping. Can these two find some common ground before the service, or will their broken hearts ruin the return to summer camp for everyone?

Maybe Molly and Jamie just need some time alone in cabin three to sort things out…

About That Summer is an adult contemporary romance novel with a heat level of a 3.5 out of 5, suitable for a high PG13 rating.