Premade Covers

Hi reader and writer friends!

The other day, my husband noticed that I have a lot of purchased stock photos that I bought for random purposes (covers, promo, etc.) but never used, and suggested I offer them to the masses!

So I've made up a few premade book covers to share!

They cater mostly to contemporary romance genre--both teen and adult, but with a little imagination, could be used for women's fiction or non-fiction. I am an author, not a graphic designer. If you are looking for intricate, multifaceted, or heavily altered, you should contact a professional cover artist. But for authors looking for something super simple and cost effective, this might just do the trick!

Covers are offered just as they are. The color of the fonts can be adjusted, and if you don't want or need all the writing offered (for instance, don't want a series title or prefer the cover without a tagline,) just ask and it can be removed in the final version. All final versions of the purchased covers will (obviously) come with your name and your title attached. 

All sales are final. All covers come in size 1563x2500, the standard size for Amazon eBooks. You can adjust size, and/or further edit the cover yourself once final version is in your possession.

If you like a cover, please email me at to make payment arrangements and organize final details for title, author, etc. Be sure to include the NUMBER attached to the cover you desire in the body of the email. Each cover is offered at $99, and I have rights for every picture shown, via Covers will be removed from this site as they are sold, and will not be sold to multiple authors.

Thanks for checking them out!