Author Brooke Moss prefers her books filled with drama, romance, whimsy, and just enough humor to put a smile on your face. She believes every couple has a love story to share, and that's what drives her to write sweet romance for both the adult and young adult genres.

Brooke grew up in beautiful eastern Washington state, amongst the rolling hills of the Palouse. Simply put, she was a weird kid. She talked to herself a lot; never, ever wore shoes; made paper doll families out of her mother's JC Penney catalogues, and wrote epic sagas about said families. These days she lives not far from the wheat fields of her childhood with her nerdy husband and their four wicked children. Brooke is a passionate Autism Spectrum Disorder advocate, a former foster mom, and a semi-embarrassed Real Housewives aficionado.

Brooke's books are written to make you laugh, cry, sigh, and stay with you long after you've closed the cover. She proudly writes PG13 romance that can be enjoyed by adult and teen readers. It is Brooke's pleasure to share her stories with each of you, as she considers her readers to be the absolute coolest peeps alive. 

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