Thursday, August 16, 2018

Excerpt time!

Still wondering if you want to grab a copy of About That Summer to enjoy in these last days of your summer? Check out the excerpt below to help you decide...

The lump in my throat started to crumble and wash away.
“Ahead of my time. Or totally out of touch. Take your pick.” Jamie kept his arm around Sue and didn’t move away when she rested her head on his shoulder. “But I gave the necklace to Molly during the game of hide and seek on s’mores night. There was a full moon, and everyone was hiding, so the green was still and quiet. Bree told me about her favorite hiding spot behind the fireplace.”
            I noticed as Owen swiped at his eyes. “When we got back there, James thanked her,” I explained. “Then she took off into the darkness to find Rachael and April. James asked her for help. They concocted a plan to get us alone, so he could give it to me. It was very romantic, in a fifteen-year-old sort of way.”
“Hey, I thought it was romantic.” Jamie’s eyes met mine and lingered. “It was one of the best nights of my life. That was the night I realized I loved Molly.”
Sue looked at both of us. “Guess that’s why Bree asked us to make sure we gave you a s’mores night just like the old days.”
“I guess so,” I said finally, my voice hoarse. The weight of Jamie’s gaze felt even heavier than the grief. “She… she must’ve known how important it was to us all those years ago.”
“Still is,” Jamie said, his voice barely audible. I wasn’t sure either Sue or Owen heard him utter it.
I didn’t look at him. Couldn’t. Was something happening between us? I didn’t dare move.
Owen spoke next. Turning back to the dishes, he switched the hot water back on. “It’s a damn shame you two split the sheets.”
Sue stood up straight, and wiped her nose, scolding, “Owen.”
He shook his head. “Sorry, kids. I just wish it’d all turned out differently. I wish Bree were still with us, and we were all getting ready to have a s’mores night with her family, and with Toby’s. And with you two.” He gestured to Jamie and I. “And your kids. Would’ve been nice to share s’mores night with your kids, eh?”
Jamie’s hand slid from my shoulder, and the kitchen suddenly felt chilly. Owen’s words hung on the air between the four of us like filthy, stained laundry hanging on a line in the backyard, and a pit formed in my stomach.
“Well…” Jamie drew a long breath, then released it slowly. He turned and walked toward the door, not casting a glance at me as he strode away. “I’ll go get the rest of the dishes.”
And just like that, the moment was gone.