Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Look what's coming SOON!?

Squeeee! I am so excited to share The Art of Being Indifferent with you all! Drew and Posey's story came to me after a long and arduous journey into the world of foster parenting, and worked as a sort of therapy for me. I'm so pleased and proud that InkSpell Publishing is helping me present this story to a broader audience...I hope you all love it as much as I loved writing it.

Here's what it's all about:

When opposite worlds collide...

Posey Briggs has a chip on her shoulder the size of Whidbey, the island off of the Washington Coast where she's stuck with her annoying foster family, and their band of mismatched, screw up kids. The last thing she needs while she rides out these last few months until she's eighteen and finally free from the system, is to be saddled with some bogus tutoring assignment given by an English teacher with a God complex.

Drew Baxter has the world in the palm of his hands. Best athlete in school, coolest guy on campus, nailing the hottest girl in school whenever he wants. What more could he ask for? Except for his dad to stop making his life a terrorizing game of whose face will get pounded tonight? He'd rather do just about anything other than sitting around listening to the school loser lecture him about Shakespeare every day.

Sometimes the universe has a way of thrusting two people together, even though they'd rather drink poison than sit across a library table from one another. And in this case, the universe knew something Drew and Posey never saw coming: they would become the single most important person in each other's lives, and save each other from completely unraveling.

Will the explosion save them or destroy them?

Ready for an excerpt? Yeah, me you go:

“You need to pass this class to graduate,” Mr. Kingston said gently. “I know you want to graduate. You might act like you don’t care, but I know otherwise. Am I right?”
Sniffing, I shifted my gaze to the window. It was raining. Again.
“Then let’s get the year started off on the right foot. Let’s get this grade up.” When I didn’t say anything, he tucked the charts back into his folder. “I’ve been thinking about how to help you, and I think I’ve come up with a plan.”
I pressed my lips together and sat up straight in my chair, still watching the window. I knew where this was going. This wasn’t my first rodeo. Crossing my legs at the ankles, I pressed my thighs together so tightly they ached. If this sick bastard put one finger on me, I was going to kung fu this desk right into his face.
“I want you to tutor someone for a while,” he said after a very dramatic pause.
Wrinkling up my face, I looked at my teacher through the corner of my eye. “Excuse me?”
Mr. Kingston chuckled. “I knew you could talk.” He leaned back in his seat and folded his arms across his chest. “Listen to me. I am willing to help you earn extra credit by working with a fellow senior. His grade is weak right now, and he could use a real boost to get the scholarship he’s got his eye on. I think a student with a passion for literature is exactly what he needs. That’s where you come in. I would help him myself, but my wife is very pregnant, and I’m needed at home as much as possible. I think this is a way for us all to get what we need.”
My stomach tightened. “Him?”
He nodded. “Uh huh. He’s in this class with you. Drew Baxter. Do you know him?”
I groaned and closed my eyes. Of course, I knew him. We only had five hundred kids in this school, and the popular ones were practically hailed as royalty, by not just the kids, but the adults, too. It was insane to watch. Parents stopped and pointed out the star athlete to their little kids like they were spotting a damned unicorn. And when the son of Twisted Tree’s mayor, Curtis Baxter, came into the one and only convenience store in town, suddenly there was no line to pay for fuel. No charge for a pack of gum. No wait to get to the pump.
It was sickening to watch, really.
“Yes, I know him,” I said through clenched teeth.

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