Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Have you read...

The Art of Being Indifferent yet?

Check out the excerpt below to see if it piques your interest:

I kissed her. Hard. So hard, explosions of light popped behind my closed eyelids, and the ground underneath my feet swayed. It felt incredible. Like every girl I’d kissed up to that point was just a prelude to this moment.
God, I was becoming a sap. But I couldn’t help it.
When we pulled apart, her eyes were heavy lidded and foggy. We were both breathless, our shoulders rising and falling in unison as we panted.
“I didn’t think…” She swallowed and licked her lips. “I wasn’t sure if you… wanted that, or not.”
I cupped her face. “I’ve wanted that for a while.”
“Me, too.” Posey grinned, her eyes dancing. Then they focused on my eyebrow, and her smile dropped. “You’re hurt.”
“I don’t care.” Bringing her close again, I touched her lips with mine. Softer, this time. Letting the images of my dad’s fist bleed into the background.
“Drew,” she whispered after a minute or two. Pressing her palms against my chest, Posey pushed me back a few inches. “Drew, you’re hurt.”
Reluctantly dragging one of my hands from her face up to my eyebrow, I winced. It hurt like a sonofabitch, and the blood went clear down past my jaw now. The jerk off had hit me with his left hand. Glad my mom went with the wedding band that had diamonds in it. Awesome.
“I’ll be fine,” I told her, not sure if I meant it.