Thursday, January 25, 2018

Genres for days!

I love what I write. Contemporary romance is everything I love about life. Messy, chaotic, romantic, silly, happy, sad. I strive to write characters who are as human as you or I are, and I strive to make them as real and flawed as everyone around us us, because that's what (hopefully) makes them relatable.

And for the most part, my readers seem pleased with my gaggle of contemporary characters.

However, occasionally.......I daydream.

Sometimes I think about writing other genres. I wonder if my voice will work in other settings, worlds, or times. I wonder if I can pull off complex backgrounds and intricate storylines. I wonder if I can succeed at stories that are bigger than me. Bigger than the bubble I live in.

Granted, I've branched out into the fantasy genre already. My fantasy YA, Underwater, was set in contemporary times, but touched on the existence of a mythological being in the lake my heroine's house backed up to. And while Luna and Saxon's story was fun, romantic, and exciting, sales went on to show that maybe fantasy wasn't my genre.

And that made me nervous. Super nervous.

Because I have so many stories to share! I've got ideas for historical romance. For dystopian and post-apocalyptic romance. For women's fiction without a hint of romance. For romance novels based on classic novels. For romance novels based on children's books. For regency romance. Yes, regency! At any given moment, my head can be found in the clouds, imagining all of the books I would write if I had the time......and skill.

It seems what I am lacking is simply the confidence.

Hopefully I will find my way around that hurtle, instead of doing this:

Which is what I am afraid I'll do.

Because we all have hurtles, don't we?