Friday, December 29, 2017

Goodness sakes.

I've been forced to shut down comments on all blog posts, because of the misbehavior of one visitor. They're offended by my religion, my defense of said religion, and by my right to delete offensive or unwanted comments. Just as I've told my elementary aged children a time or two, "The actions of one can sometimes take away from everyone's fun." Sadly, despite being (mostly) adults who visit my blog, this anecdote still rings true.

If you don't like my books, blog, opinions, or general existence...don't buy them, visit, or pay attention. Do what I've done with people in my life who offend me: walk away and don't look back.

And I'm sorry for whatever facet of my faith, or whatever members of my faith, clearly hurt you in the past. This isn't what we are about, and not representative of our population as a whole.

God bless.