Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Excerpt time!

Wondering what Molly's inner dialogue is like in Here's to Campfires and S'mores? Here's a test run:

The rain came down full force, splattering against my windshield so hard I thought it might chip the glass. Wincing as a small branch from a pine tree above the road dropped onto my hood, I carefully wove my car up the hill while whispering a prayer or two.
            Please don’t let a bigger branch fall onto my car and kill me. I don’t want to die today.
            Please let the cloudburst be over by the time I hit the main highway.
            Please let mom and Richard be gone from the diner down the highway when I pass by, I really want a huckleberry milkshake.
Please let Jamie be happy now.
            Too say it sucked going home without Jamie would’ve been a colossal understatement of hurricane proportions. I loved him and always would. When I gave my heart to him twenty-three years ago, it was for forever. No take backs. No tradesies. Do not pass go. James Burnham was the love of my life.
            But he left with Mackayla Smart. He made his choice. And, as appalling as it was, I was okay with it.
            Well, no. I wasn’t okay with it. But after a year and a half I could finally look at it from his perspective. It was every bit as annihilating for him, as it was for me. Maybe even more, since he watched me nearly die trying to feed my obsession to give him babies. And leaving our marriage had shattered Jamie’s life every bit as much as it had shattered mine. He was also left without his best friend. He was also forced to rebuild his existence without the love of his life by his side.
            It finally dawned on me: it wasn’t just about me.
            I no longer saw my divorce as a reason to wallow in self-pity. It was a reason to grow, and change, and become a better woman. And by gosh, I was going to do just that… as soon as I got out of the woods.
As I slowly rolled up a road that looked like a rutted path covered in melting peanut butter, my hope was that when Jamie got back to his home from Chimalis, he would be happy. Even if it meant not being happy with me. Holy heck, of all the people in the world who deserved real joy, it was Jamie.
            My thoughts were interrupted by the whining sound of my tires spinning. Blinking away thoughts of Jamie and Mackayla and her tiny sundress, I dropped my car into a lower gear and pressed the gas.
            “Come on, come on…” I mumbled, fixing my eyes on the top the incline like I was trying to melt it with a Jedi mind trick. “If I have to walk back down there and face everybody…”

            After the scene I put on in front of Bree’s family, there was no way I was going to go back and ask someone for a tow. I’d hit my humiliation quota for the day. Maybe even the year. If my sensible little car couldn’t make it up the hill, it looked like I was going to have to sit in it until I died.