Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Buying and selling.

As most of you know, I am an avid fan of the AnnDee Ellis blog. (Ever heard of her? Check her out here.) She likes to post blog prompts for those of us who come up short with ideas.

(I swear I've blogged about my most deepest thoughts, AND things as insignificant as socks and different ways to prepare eggs. Though, I would argue that both are relevant topics in their own right. Just saying.)

Today's topic made me thing... buying and selling.

I could go into a number of directions with this one. But in the interest of time (because my editor will kick my butt if I don't get this book to her ASAP--hi, Jess! Love you!) I will take it in my own, weird direction.

First...the things I love buying.

Full disclosure: I did not like shopping prior to moving abroad. It was boring and stressful, and I hate trying on clothes, and I really hate buying things that make me look like Gwen Stefani in the store, and then like Roseanne Barr circa 1987 at home. Not a good look for me. Though she looks really striking now, if I do say so myself...

Roseanne then.

Roseanne now. See what I'm mean? She's very striking now. Very #seniorcitizengoals

But, I digress...

My top five things I love to buy are:

1.) Clothes (or more specifically, clothes that are available for a most excellent deal. I prefer discount shops and second hand or thrift stores. In fact, 75% of my wardrobe came from a thrift store I am obsessed with called Value Village. #noshame)

2.) Glass bluebirds. (I collect these from second hand stores every summer. My husband's grandmother told me that every house should have a glass bluebird in it, because then the house will be filled with happiness. So I went overboard--shocking, I know--and now I have dozens. I mostly enjoy the hunt of finding these round little treasures.)

3.) Food. (Or more specifically, American food. I fully anticipate for this particular fetish to fade next summer when we move back to the USA, but for now...every trip to the states warrants oversized and overweight bags of delectable American treats we can't find here in South Korea.)

4.) Books. (Actually, while some authors are purists, and prefer a paper book, I am weird...and I adore a good ebook. Why? Well, duh. Because they're cheaper and I can afford to buy more. Plus, I like having no fewer than 1000 books at my fingertips at any given time. I can't concentrate if I don't have a book waiting for me to read in my purse.)

5.) Is this one even a surprise?? HAIR. (As an alopecian, I wear alternative hair--which is a fancy word for a good, old fashioned wig. And so help me heaven, if I had the money, I would have closets and closets filled with hair. Long, short, curly, straight, human hair, synthetic, Remy, kinky, brightly colored, understated.....every kind possible. I joke with my husband that I could easily drop 5K on wigs in one sitting. The sad part is? I'm not kidding. It's my one indulgence. Yves Saint Laurent? Prada? Givenchy? Nope. Give me a wig collection to envy Ru Paul and Dolly Parton's combined. Then we'll talk._)

I'm as mad as a hatter, I know.

Now for the five things I love to sell:

1.) My books. (I literally have the best job in the world. My readership is loyal and discerning. They support me and lift me up. And I love, love, love selling my books to them. The best job ever, hands down.)

2.) Cars. (When we sold our Minivan prior to moving abroad it was like shedding a skin for me. There's nothing better than knowing that when we move back to the USA, I will be able to buy a new VW Bug. And it's all thanks to selling off that stupid minivan I detested so much. Fist pump for auto sales!!)

3.) Houses. (Again, the sale of a house means the purchase of a new one. Once we've been back in the states for a while, and we are financially prepared, we will be able to purchase a new home. I literally cannot wait. And I would be lying if I didn't admit I had big dreams......thought most of them are just that: dreams. But I sure can't wait. Home buying is so exciting!

4.) Myself. (okay, okay, don't get ahead of yourself. I'm not a prostitute. What I meant was, I love selling myself to prospective readers. In the author game, you have to not only sell your work, but your brand. You have to allow your readers to know you on a personal level, let them see a piece of you, and become close with them via the world wide web. I have met and fostered some of my most precious friendships thanks to social media, and my job of "selling myself.")

5.) Flowers. (I don't do it anymore, but for years when my children were very little, I was a florist. I loved it. LOVED it. Sometimes I miss it terribly--though not around holidays. Those were the days I detested floral work the most. But the rest of the time? Le sigh. I loved selling flowers. What a happy job.)

So there you go. There's my list, reader and writer friends. And you all know I do love a good list. :)

What do you love to buy and sell?