Saturday, May 6, 2017

Five things I know for sure.

"You're just a little dramatic for me." "You always try so hard to be funny." "You overshare all the time." "You're just a lot to take."

Girl, why you still be in my life then? If I had a nickel for every time I'd heard this, I could buy myself a unicorn frap. (Those dang things aren't cheap, you know.)

At 41 years old (almost) I've learned five valuable lessons:

1.) I have no desire or interest in being my children's friend. I'm mom. That's good enough for any smart parent.

2.) Never go blonde without the help of a professional hair stylist. Or a wig. I prefer the latter.

3.) It's not my job to make people happy. I'm not a cupcake.

4.) I don't have to do things/stick around/take nonsense from/or tolerate people who are abusive to me or inappreciative of my kindness and friendship. (This should not be mistaken for my hating them. I can love someone and set clear, firm boundaries. It's true. I know...weird.)

AND 5.) I have many lovely friends. I don't need more friends badly enough to be told I'm inadequate or unpleasant.

The cool thing is, neither do YOU. Nobody has to stay in a relationship where they're being made to feel lousy about themselves. If you consistently feel lousy...the relationship (whether it's a friendship, a family, a romantic relationship, a work relationship, or a superhero/sidekick thing...) isn't working. So get out! It doesn't mean you have to wish the folks you're waving buh-bye to will fall off a cliff. It just means you're done. And that's okay.

Okay, PSA over. Moss out.