Sunday, April 23, 2017

My list.

I recently made a list of my favorite simple pleasures, and I'd like to share it with you.

These are the small things in life that make me happy, even though many of them make no sense to anyone else--least of all, my ever-patient family.

I('m sort of what my late father would've called "an odd duck.")

Whatever. Here's my favorite simple pleasures:

1.) The smell of rain.
Even as a kid, I appreciated this aroma. But now, as an adult living in Asia, where the air often smells like sulfur and sewage, or that awful yellow dust and pollution that wafts over here from China....give me some fresh Washington State air with a hint of rain coming soon. Sigh. Pure bliss.

2.) New socks.
Is there anything better in the freaking world than sliding on a new pair of well made socks? I think not. Literally nothing better.

3.) Those whole body stretches that newborns do when they're waking up and you unswaddle them.
So. Freaking. Cute. I can't get enough. Especially when they toot as they're doing it.

Photo credit: Ashley McNamara (found on a Google Search of newborn stretches...I highly recommend google searching that...because there's a whole lot of cuteness to be found.

4.) The sound of rain on a metal roof.
Our cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho, had a metal roof, and my favorite sound was when rain hit it. When my own family bought our travel trailer, and we would lie in it at night listening to the rain, it came in at a close second...almost as good of a sound, but not quite as stellar as rain on a metal roof.

5.) Summer evenings.
The kind where it's not uncomfortably hot, but still warm enough to go outside in the yard wearing your PJ's, and no socks and shoes, and you sit there watching the sky turn to pink and purple and then the stars come out, and you sit there listening to birds and crickets and stuff? Oh, it's the loveliest of nights....

Photo credit: Ellen VanDenDole

6.) Finding a vintage glass bluebird in a second hand shop.
My collection is growing out of control. I love finding these silly bluebirds. I have collected about a dozen of them. Someday I'll have a house to put them in. But for now, I hoard them. They're supposed to bring happiness into a home, I'll have you know. Though it's my personal belief that they bring more happiness when you've rescued them from a second hand store.

7.) Finding one of those "pick your flavor" Coke machines.
I always get the Dasani Peach water, with a tiny, tiny shot of Dasani Sparkling peach water right at the end. It's delicious. And whenever I find it, I have to stop my life to do a happy dance. It's the little things in life, you know.

8.) A clean house.
Holy crap on toast with capers....I love it when my house is clean. It isn't always that way. Especially when my dog needs a haircut. Then it's a furry mess, and I get all stabby. But when it is clean and smells good? Color me a happy wife and mother.

9.) A good book for a cheap price.
There's nothing more fun than grabbing a book off of Amazon for like 99 cents, or better yet, available in Kindle Unlimited, only to discover a new author to stalk, or that the book you assumed would be crap, winds up being one of your favorite books of all time. I LOVE THAT.

10.) When my kids have spontaneous bursts of kindness and joy with each other.
Catching them put an arm around each other. Hearing them snicker together. Listening to them talk as friends. Watching them enjoy a shared joke. Seeing one who is upset cry for their older brother or sister. There is nothing better than realizing that the humans you created really do like each other after all. It's awesome.

They were total spazzes tonight. But having a ball together. I guess that's all a mom could want, right?

What are your simple pleasures??