Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Look who is getting bigger.

This kid was just a wee thing when I started my writing career with ya'll. He was a pubescent kid who thought all things romantic were lame and disgusting.

He still thinks I'm lame (accurate) but is much more compelled to all things romantic. Especially if he thinks he has a shot with this lady:

He recently went on a service trip to Kenya, and will go on an outdoor education trip to Australia in May. He loves travel, the wilder the location, the happier he is. He loves helping people. In fact, he lives for it. And he's good at it. He'll graduate high school soon. And shortly after that, he will be leaving on a mission to Chile for two years. This is a very big deal in our family, and we're just about bursting with pride.

When he was little, I was a single mom, and we really struggled. Making ends meet, getting through the day, plugging away at was all more difficult than it should've been, and this kid could've turned out much worse. He could've become a total punk, and I wouldn't have blamed him a bit. But he didn't. He turned out wise, and kind, and loving, and introspective. I'm glad God made him the way he is.

He's become so big.


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