Thursday, March 16, 2017

Weekend in Seoul

The hubs and I went into Seoul last weekend (about a 1.5 hr subway ride away--short by Korean terms) and saw a musical!

It was a great weekend. We met a giant group of my girlfriends there and had dinner and stayed in a really fun boutique hotel that had a nightclub downstairs (people were just leaving at 8am when we had breakfast! Gah!) It was so much fun and very relaxing.

The show was phenomenal. I wasn't a fan of the subject matter--it's a little heavy--but the actor who played Jekyll/Hyde was extremely talented. 

Back at home, the kids made a giant fort, cooked unsuccessful chocolate pancakes, and didn't answer the phone often enough for mom & dad's liking. I am actually finding myself enjoying life with older, more self-sufficient children. It's fun to get away with my cute nerdy husband once in a while.

This is our whole group. Such awesome ladies. A good tribe, if I do say so myself.

It's been a long, tough winter. I'm looking forward to spring. Our weekend away was the first glimpse into the change of the season.......*big, contented sigh of relief*

Took a bathroom selfie when I found myself in this weird restroom with all mirrored walls. I couldn't even pee. I got stage fright because I could see myself from every angle.

What did YOU do last weekend?


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