Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ready to do some reading!?

So the presents are all opened, and everyone is coming down from their Christmas highs...

It's clearly time to read some books. Am I right, or am I right?

Check out and excerpt from my Young Adult Romance, The Art of Being Indifferent...

“Sorry to interrupt.” Posey Coulter, er, Briggs, or whatever the hell it was, held up her number between Maddie and me. She glared at me through her hair. “Mr. Kingston said to give you my information so we could get together.”
            “Get together?” Maddie’s hands went to her hips. “Excuse me?”
            Posey didn’t even blink in her direction. “So is tomorrow good?”
            “Tomorrow for what?” Maddie demanded, making a couple of girls passing by stop and stare.
            Shaking my head, I took a step back. “Wait. What?”
            Posey rolled her eyes. Or at least I think she did, I couldn’t see through all of her black hair. “Oh come on. Kingston didn’t talk to you yet?”
            “Oh.” I sneered down at her. “That.”
            Maddie nudged me. “Drew. What?”
            Posey glared at Maddie. “Got him on a short leash, Princess?”
            Maddie took a threatening step towards my new tutor. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
            I waited for Posey to charge off in the opposite direction. This was social suicide. Surely she knew that. Instead, Posey snorted. “I think you’re mistaking yourself for someone important. Why don’t you run along to the girls’ room and reapply some of your gloss? You’re looking a bit tired.”
            Maddie’s lips curled back into a sneer. “You ugly little sleaze.”
            I almost laughed. Nobody talked to Maddie that way, least of all someone like Posey. “Listen, I got the message from Kingston.” I said, grabbing the paper out of her hand. “This your phone number?”
            Posey jerked away from my touch and brought her eyes back to mine. They were the iciest shade of blue I’d ever seen. Or maybe that was just because she clearly hated me. “Call me if you’re going to cancel,” she snapped. “Otherwise be in the library by two-fifty-five. If you’re not here by three, I’m leaving. Got it?”
            I blinked a few times. “Uh… I guess.”
            And with that, Posey turned and skulked off down the hall, her head down. I watched her walk away. Seriously. What in the hell was wrong with her?
“Well, this is going to be fun,” I muttered. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my ex-girlfriend, who appeared ready and able to tear one of the metal lockers off the wall. “Uh… Maddie?”
            “Who does she think she is?” she yelled, kicking the bottom of my locker and making it echo down the hallway. The crowd around us scattered like rats. “When I’m done with her, Drew, she’ll regret ever coming here.”
I went to touch her arm, but she jerked away. So much for getting back together on the sly. Thanks again, Posey.
“What the hell are you doing hanging out with her?”
            “It’s not my choice,” I told her. “Mr. Kingston is making me. He says I need help in Lit or he won’t pass me.”
            Maddie’s eyes flashed. “So get help from someone else.”
            “Don’t you think I would if I could?”
            Maddie started petting her long hair like a dog. She always did that when she was freaking out. When I broke up with her, I was afraid her ponytail was going to fall off the side of her head. “Drop your dad’s name, for hell’s sake. Get out of this. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.”
            I looked down at the dingy tile floor. “I can’t.”
            “What do you mean, you can’t?” She threw her hands out. “If you think that I’m going to be with you while you’re cozying up with that trash, you’re kidding yourself.”
            Anger started to churn in my gut. First I was being forced to hang out with the school freak show, and now my ex-girlfriend was forbidding me to do it? This was out of control, and my headache was cracking my skull into pieces.
            The final bell rang above our heads, and I squeezed my eyes shut.
            “You know what?” I backed away from Maddie, officially done with the conversation. “You’re not my girlfriend anymore. I don’t need your permission to do a damn thing.”
            Her mouth dropped. “Drew.”

            Turning around, I walked away.