Monday, December 12, 2016

Looking for something to read?

Why not check out the This & That Series?

Check out an excerpt from book one....

“If you could just put your feet into the stirrups, that would be great.”
I squeezed my eyes shut as he carefully guided my feet into the metal frames.
Candace leaned close to my face to whisper, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” My voice came out tight since I was holding my breath.
“Are you uncomfortable?” she whispered.
“You could say that.” I nodded, trying hard not to move any muscles from the waist down. The last thing I needed was to fart in Dr. Hottie’s face.
Fletcher’s head popped up between my knees, sending the paper towel fluttering. I scrambled to catch it and put it back down over my bits as he tilted his head to the side. “You okay, Lexie? Are my hands cold?”
I giggled maniacally, then snorted. “No. You’re fine.”
When his blonde head sank back out of sight, I turned my face to Candace and dropped my voice as low as it would go. “A little bit of warning would have been nice!”
She came even closer, bringing Aubrey with her. “Warning about what?”
            I dramatically rolled my eyes from her face, to the area where Fletcher was gathering his speculum—and other such torture devices—and then back up again. “Him.”
            Candace’s nostrils flared. “Sorry,” she hissed. “I didn’t think it would freak you out this bad.”
            “It’s not freaking me out, I’m just—”
            “You know, if you two keep whispering over there, I’m gonna start to feel self-conscious.” Fletcher grinned at us from under my leg. “Now, Lexie, if you could just relax your knees a bit, that would be great.”
            Drawing a deep breath, I let my knees fall apart approximately three inches.
            “That’s great. Now a little more…” He drew out the word little, and patted my foot affectionately.
            I looked up at the ceiling, and let my knees separate another two inches. Lord, how long had it been since I’d gotten a bikini wax?
            “Seriously, Lex. Loosen up.” Candace stifled a laugh. “You need to let the man do his thing.”
            “Could you put it differently, please?” I hissed.
            Fletcher’s warm hands went to my knees, which he gently pushed them apart, before settling down in my, er, bits and pieces quietly. Grimacing, I stared up at the ceiling and tried to ignore the humiliation creeping up on me. This was the least seductive moment of my life, making the day I had to help my mother shave her legs because she’d broken her wrist seem like a moonlit walk on the beach.
            Candace snorted softly. “Sorry.”
Once I was finally splayed like a turkey ready to be stuffed, Fletcher pressed on my lower abdomen. “Okay, now. Just relax. That’s right. Now, I’m going to insert the speculum. Hold tight. It might be chilly.”
            The moment it hit my body, I yelped and scooted away from Fletcher’s face. “Wow. Did you soak it in ice?”
            “Just for you,” he joked. His voice was muffled, which made it even more mortifying.
            “Nobody likes an OB with a sense of humor.” I caught myself clenching my legs together, then reluctantly let them drift apart again.
            “No humor. Got it.” His hands touched the backs of my knees carefully. “If you could scoot forward, that would be awesome.”
            “Right-o.” I obeyed, dragging the tissue paper underneath me, resulting in a loud tear. As soon as the room went quiet again, my stomach growled noisily. It sounded like a caged animal.

Candace covered her mouth and looked away as she giggled.