Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

It's a New Year! 2017! Hooray!

I have to say....2016 was a rough one. Between drama over the summer, mixed with losing my dad, mixed with a friend losing her daughter, mixed with the perils of living abroad, mixed with the presidential elections in the USA.....

It was kind of a hot mess.

So I, for one, am happily and cheerfully welcoming 2017. This will be a good year. It will. My son is graduating...but not before taking some amazing trips through his school. He will leave to serve a mission for our church this summer. My other children will begin their third and last year in school abroad...thank goodness. I will release two more books. Maybe more. We'll see how the words flow.

I have high hopes. Not just for myself, but for my amazing reader and writer friends. You all are the P in my PB&J. Without you, I have no dream career. You are all amazing. Thank you.

Happy New Year....


P.S. Start thinking about your resolutions, friends. We'll talk about them when I'm back from Boracay.