Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My friend is a genius.

I have a local friend here in South Korea, who is also an American expat, like I am.

She posted this yesterday, and it struck a cord with me, so I decided to share:

It's already Election Day here in Korea, and I like most will be watching the polls over the next couple of hours. I just wanted to remind us all of something that seems to have been forgotten this election. Tomorrow, after the polls close.....
Your neighbor will still be your neighbor.
Your sister/brother will still be in your family.
Your child's teacher will still be teaching. 
Your best friend will still be your friend. 
Your mail person will still bring you your bills.
Your government will still have a job to do.
We will continue to pay taxes, live in our homes, buy our groceries and love our families, regardless of whom we all vote for. That has what's been lost this election year. The RIGHT to agree to disagree. Our nation is great because we have so many opinions. Not allowing voices to be silenced. Just remember tomorrow, after the polls close, we all still have to live together. Live, work, laugh and cry....together. I dearly hope, that no matter what the outcome of this election that the people can see that. That they can rise above differences and work towards something better. 

She's pretty smart, wouldn't you say? Kudos, June.

Wish more people would consider this.



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