Monday, September 5, 2016

Book Nooks....

Do you have a special place you like to read?

I don't. I used to, when we still lived stateside, and we owned a home, but now that we are expat nomads.... alas, I have none.

And so I find myself fantasizing about homes. Homes with big kitchens, and no angry Koreans living on our floor. Homes with yards and gardens. Homes with staircases. Grand ones, or at the very least, interesting ones. I love a good staircase--my husband can attest to that. I am forever going on and on about how I want a staircase with some character. He always rolls his eyes. He prefers one floor living, ever practical. Not me, though. I want a beautiful, multi-level staircase with an ornate or unique railing. Kind of like this:

But, I digress.

This post is about book nooks.

I want one. Badly.  A little spot to store my books, read my books, sip cocoa, and daydream. Nothing big. Just some place small and warm. A place of my own. Like these:

(That last one is sort of sparse and cold, but dang it all to heck, I love the windows! I love a mid century modern house, and if I had one, I would make sure I had a room like this to read and write in.)


Maybe someday.

I won't share with my kids, though. Sorry, guys.