Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creative liberty.

When talking about my 8 Minute Memoir Challenge posts yesterday, it was brought to my attention that in writing my memories down, I could be taking creative liberty, and also that my versions of memories are hurtful and offensive to others. My apologies, I never meant to hurt anyone, and I've removed the posts.

This is specifically why a memoir will never join the Brooke Moss library, and I'll stick with fiction only future books. Not everyone is going to like my memories, and I'm not fond of the term creative liberty. It insinuates that my memories are being altered for dramatic purposes, which they're not. What I write is what I lived, and if I can't write what I lived, then I may as well not write 8 Minute Memoirs anymore.

C'est la vie. Whatareyougonnado?

Hope everyone enjoys their week! It's a hot one in South Korea! Want to cool off? Grab a Brooke Moss fiction to enjoy in the shade... :)


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