Thursday, March 3, 2016


People change their mind. It's part of human nature to grow and evolve. 

Tastes in music or cuisine change. Feelings towards others wax and wane. Acceptance of others fluctuates. I've seen liberals go conservative, and conservatives go liberal. I've watched people of faith become agnostic, and even atheist, and back again. 

I've heard relatives throw around racial or gay jokes and slurs, only to change their tune in recent times. I went to high school with folks who peppered their conversations with very non-PC terms, and insulting generalizations every day, who now fight for civil rights. I could list off a few dozen contradictions and inconsistencies in the politics and religions of most of the people I know, publicly label them hypocrites, and mock them for their flip-flopping, but I choose not to. 

Because to change is to be human. 

To hate something one day, and appreciate it the next is normal. It's part of the natural man. It's part of life, this ebb and flow, and anybody claiming otherwise is purposefully ignoring their own evolution. Nobody's record is spotless, and growth and change is inevitable. 

Just because someones change is different from yours, or contradicts what you (currently) believe, doesn't mean their change is flawed, but yours is acceptable.