Sunday, January 17, 2016

Guess what I discovered?


Who knew?

Yup. Here in South Korea, Karaoke is king, and so with three of my fellow expat friend's having birthday's in January, naturally we decided to celebrate with some Mexican food and karaoke. (Well, a Korean interpretation of Mexican food, which is questionable at best.)

I wasn't planning on staying. Honestly, in South Korea people drink. They don't just have drinks with dinner, they pound the alcohol down until they're cross eyed. Granted, my circle of friends aren't like that, but since some of them were celebrating birthday's, they were whooping it up right proper. However, I don't drink, so I expected to be bored, embarrassed, and itching to go home and write.

Because honestly...I'm always itching to write.

But I discovered something about myself. I really like South Korean Karaoke. You get a private room (that is decorated like something out of a mid 70's porno flick). You bring some drinks (alcohol for them and H20 for me) and some snacks (because cake makes you shake, friends.) And you and your friends sing and dance and act a fool, but nobody else in the place can witness your humiliation. After a while we all stopped caring about how we sounded, and just focused on being loud and crazy. It was awesome.

I'm starting to think that my expat friends are as great as my friends back at home. Which is awesome. 

I really dig Karaoke. When I turn 40 in May.............I want to do it again. Holla.