Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fake hair...don't care!

I've talked (very) openly about my struggles with (fe)male pattern baldness, stress-induced hair loss, and alternative hair wearing...and the response from my reader and writer friends has been so heart warming! It really touches my heart to know that my struggle is familiar to others, and that I'm not alone in my frustration.

So this year I wasn't visited by Santa Claus. Instead, my Hairy God Mother stopped by, leaving me two new Jon Renau wigs to make my winter and spring lovely! I was so grateful. Wigs can only be worn for about 6 months (of daily wear) before they start to get matted and the lace fronts turn scratchy and start losing strands. Since I'd worn my last two wigs (I rotate between two wigs during a 6 month period) since the summer, it was the perfect time for Santa er, my Hairy God Mother to stop by.

This time around, I chose two longer styles. They're both Jon Renau wigs--because, well, let's just be honest: Jon Renau is the best at synthetic wigs (which I prefer over human hair) priced affordably. And they're both blonde--because my handsome nerd of a husband prefers me with blonde hair, and so I said I would make this the year of blonde. But the longer style came from my childish need for long, beautiful princess hair. Unfortunately, I've always had short, fine, easily damaged and broken hair, and I've never experienced long locks. But now that I'm balding? Why not!

If your hair is coming out of a box, why not get the hair you've always dreamt about. :) are some shots of my fun new hair. I actually had someone tell me the other day that I didn't look old enough to have four children, or a sixteen and a half year old...after I kissed that person right on the mouth (Just kidding--I missed) I explained that it's the (fake) hair. People see the blonde Barbie hair and it de-ages me by at least a decade. Holla.

This is me with my handsome hubby. Isn't he cute?

Friends, if you're experiencing thinning hair, or patchy loss, or even if you just hate your bio hair, please consider treating yourself. It's okay to want to feel beautiful. And for me (and hopefully each of you) 2016 will be the year of self care. No more BS, no more apologies for being me, no more putting myself on the back hair is just one facet of that commitment.

Hope your Hairy God Mother visits you soon!