Saturday, December 5, 2015

Peace on earth, goodwill to everyone.

Last night my husband and I were talking and got a little bit deep. We both grew up hearing about the end of days, when mankind would turn on itself, and prophecies would be fulfilled and wars would destroy earth...and for the first time in forty years, I legitimately think it's happening. Like, all around us.
There is very little love and compassion between humans now, leading to awful acts of terror, wars, suffering, neglect, abuse, ignorance, horrible incurable anger, tempestuous relationships between neighbor's and even within families (mine included), and more...and what very few people are choosing to notice, is that it begins with a lack of love towards thy neighbor. 
Now, that's not to say that giving my neighbor a big hug will cure everything, Isis will stop murdering people, and ignorance will disappear, and families will magically repair themselves, but don't you think showing love to your fellow man--not by compromising your beliefs, but by showing the same compassion and acceptance we preach about to our fellow peace-seeking human beings--is a good place to start? 
Maybe instead of crying offense to every word, every greeting, every opinion or belief someone else has, we can bring back the age old theory to "agree to disagree" and show love in the mutual pursuit of peace on earth? I don't think that will stop awful things from happening. I'm not that delusional. 
But I do think bringing human compassion back might ease some of this horrible tension and rage and resentment we all feel towards each other. Because, religious or not, liberal or conservative, we can all agree that we're brothers and sisters of the human race, and that burying each other--whether it be with mass acts of violence, with horrible words, with anger, with unresolved resentments, with misconceptions, or with the refusal to accept each other's differences, and love each other anyway--is not helping. 
It's NOT HELPING. And I, for one, want to help.

Merry Christmas, reader and writer friends.