Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm back!

Hello dear reader friends!

I've been missing for most of the summer because my family and I were in the USA for a vacation. We had such fun! My two older children both went away to camp and a trek through our beloved church; I spent many a day at the lake with my closest girlfriend and our broods of children; we went boating; we watched our beautiful niece get married; we danced; we sang; the kids played with their cousins and friends every day; and I got to hang with my wonderful mom.

Unfortunately, it became too hectic to keep up on the blogging, in addition to being a semi-single-mom to four children for the summer, and dealing with some personal drama on the home front. The bad news is, my stress levels got a bit high (again) and my hair decided to start thinning (again.) The good news is, I am back in Songdo, South Korea with my family. We are once again all together, and I am back to writing!

Plus, I've got lovely wigs to wear, of course. Silver linings, people.

So what have I been up to over the last eight weeks? Well, my contract with Entangled Publishing was complete, so I got my rights to BITTERSWEET back! Bittersweet is a novella that was written for the Love Knows No Bounds Anthology, which was created by myself and the fine folks at Entangled Publishing for Autism Research. Now that my contract is complete, I was able to redesign Bittersweet's cover, and put it up for sale on Amazon! (Other online publishers to come shortly.)

Here is the lovely new cover:

Isn't it gorgeous!?

And here is the blurb, in case you haven't read Bittersweet yet, and would like to know what it's all about...

Anna Kirkpatrick isn’t looking for love. Being a single mom to Bowan, her eight-year-old autistic son, takes up all of her time…leaving no room for romance. Willing to do anything to help her son come out of his shell, Anna agrees to take Bowan to cooking classes with a world class chef.

Motorcycle-riding pastry chef Leo Mancini isn’t exactly searching for

“the one”, either. After losing every penny he had, his business, and

his girlfriend, he’s moved to northern Idaho to sulk, restart his

career, and pay his sister back for a loan that no amount of money
could ever really suffice.

When Anna and Leo discover that Bowan’s fondness for the kitchen

extends beyond his peculiar cookbook collection, Leo quickly becomes the one person who can break through his barriers. But will Leo and Anna’s attraction lead to more than just a weekly cooking lesson?

I sure hope everyone reads Anna and Leo's story and loves it as much as I loved writing it. My Sam, who is now 7, is such an incredible kid. He is smart and silly and witty and sharp as a tack...and honestly, his diagnosis is just part of what makes him so amazing. (I can hear him playing a Lego Batman Xbox game with his brother as I type this.) He is my heart, as are all my awesome children. And I wrote this story, in part, for him. I pray you all enjoy it.


Glad to be back in the writing many exciting things to come!