Thursday, April 2, 2015

Moving day...

Today is bittersweet.

Like, super duper bittersweet.

Today my family is leaving the house that we've lived in for over twelve years, and the country we've been in for our whole live in beautiful South Korea for three years.

This is really emotional for all of us, as we are happy, proud Americans, and leaving our home country is really difficult for us. But it's for a wonderful job opportunity for my husband, and we'll be home soon enough. Plus, living in the beautiful city of Songdo will be a wonderful experience. South Koreans are incredible, loving people, and they will take excellent care of us.

In the meantime, I am pulling up my boot straps, taking a long, shuddering breath, and putting on my mom face. My kids need me to be strong, and so that's what I will be. We are going off to have an adventure! We are experiencing infinitely more than I ever dreamed I could give my children, and I am blessed beyond belief to have the chance to give it. we embark on this experience....I ask for prayers. Lots of them.


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