Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 16...

....and this week's prompt is:

The Simple Things in Life.

*big, guttural sigh*

Oh, how I adore this prompt today. Right now I am living in a foreign country. I do not speak the language. I do not know my way around. I am working my butt off at helping my kids feel comfortable and happy. I am keeping myself together and telling homesickness to piss off.

And so far...it's the little things that keep me together.

1.) A cuppa cocoa.

2.) My scriptures.

3.) The smell of bread coming from The Paris Baguette Company down the block.

4.) The sound of my children laughing.

5.) Slippers.

6.) Costco.

If you can't focus on the simple things, you're missing the whole freaking point. :)

What simple pleasures do you adore?


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