Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gratitude challenge week 15...

...and today's prompt is:

Things I Like About Spring

Oh, how do I list these, there are so many.....

I used to like spring above all other seasons because it was my birthday season. But now that I'm an adult, and I have an appreciation for heat and warmth and color, I like fall or Indian Summer. However, spring comes in at a close second.

So here goes nothing...the things I love about spring:

1.) Blossoms on the trees. (I'm especially excited to see the cherry blossoms in Korea soon!)

2.) The smell of impending spring. (Growing up in Fairfield, I learned how to detect the upcoming seasons by the aroma in the air. Yes, it's real. No, I can't teach you.)

3.) Daffodils.

4.) Happy children playing outside.

5.) The resurrection of Christ.

Hmmmm...I guess that's it for now. There's a lot about spring I like, but those are probably my top 5.

What do YOU like about spring?


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