Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time to share my big news... ain't no secret anymore.

My awesome, brilliant husband accepted a job offer in South Korea, and my family is moving to a new continent!

<insert nervous, hysterical squealing here>

Yeah. We're pretty excited. But equally nervous and emotional, too. It's a big deal, a move this serious. The reason we decided to go for it was that the school our children will be going to (an English speaking international school) is amazing. Our kids--yes, even our teenagers--are stoked for this adventure, and for their chance to go to such a brilliant, creative school. That was what solidified our decision the most. Because hey, if the teenagers are ready to say yes, that's a big deal.

I will still be writing my books from abroad, so no worries on that subject! In fact, since I won't have to work at my day job at the grade school anymore, there will likely be more writing time for me. Hooray! (Though, right now, with an impending international muse is GONE. Hopefully she'll come back soon.) There are so many Brooke Moss stories to come from such a grand adventure!

So that's the big news, everyone. Hope you can wish us well and send a prayer up to the Big Guy for us. We'll need it!

Squeeeee! Such. An. Adventure.


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