Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gratitude challenge...week 14:

Today's prompt?

A talent I have!

This prompt is fun. I have a few talents. Not nearly as many as my kids (they're amazing) or my husband (he's awesome) or most of my friends (I can't cook, or keep a clean house like they can, and so help me...how do they have so many kids and such great bodies??)

But I have a couple that I like to share with people sometimes.

I'm creative. (Hence, the author thing.)

I can arrange flowers like a BOSS. (I go to weddings and mentally judge the crap out of the arrangements. It's true.)

I can imitate voices. (I don't show this talent to many people. Sometimes I do it to make my kids laugh. Or my husband. But it's not for public consumption.)

I can make people laugh. (Or like to think that I can.)

What talents do you have?


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