Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gratitude challenge: week 11...

This week's challenge is...

Someone who inspires me.

Hmmmmmm......this is a good one. I'm inspired by lots of people.

I guess I'll go with one of my more recent inspirations. She joined the list only a few years ago, when I read her book. She got an awful lot of grief for not glorifying the rape scenes she endured while being held captive, and some people panned her book for not having more details. I commended her. She didn't need to give gory details. She told her story and it moved mountains despite the icky details. She didn't want to give her perpetrator the attention he so clearly wanted, and so desperately didn't deserve. And I commend her for that.

She inspires me because she, at 14, leaned on her faith in a way that I can only strive to emulate...at 38 years old. I admire her. I hope to have faith like hers for the rest of my days. She is a shining example of a Godly woman.

Who inspires you?


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