Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloweenie!

Went to a Halloween party at our church tonight.

Other than eating a few mini-Twix bars (and coming home feeling sick) we had a great time. My kids were cute and funny as always. The teenager (reluctantly) went as Superman... the tween went as a cute, girly Robin... the (almost) eight year old went as none other than Harry Potter (because we are obsessed with HP in this household, that's a fact)...and the 6 year old went as a ninja. Because he's cool like that. (And also because his uncle Rich has him convinced that he is a ninja, and in a six year old's mind, it doesn't get much cooler.)

I went as Mary Poppins. Because she's practically perfect in every way. :)

As am I.

(Not really.)

Happy Halloween, my darling friends!

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